Batman Doesn't Need These PC Case Mods For His Batcave Supercomputer

I am looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, because I like Batman. He's rich and spoiled and self-pitying, sure, but he actively went out and chose to take on the whole caped crusading business and has to keep coming up with clever new tools to make it work.

There's no biology, with Batman; no X-ray vision or surprising spiderwebs. There's just human ingenuity. And Alfred.

So in honour of Batman, I decided to look for Batman-themed human ingenuity in PC case modding. I found many old and new takes on the Dark Knight and his dark computing needs.

What is Batman without his trusty Batmobile? This Batman Begins-edition car is a fully functional PC. Yes, really. It's made from an RC car.

This one is older (our sibling site Gizmodo featured it a long time back) but still awesome. Because what does Batman do? He flies. And this PC — because yes, that giant bat is a fully functional computer — flies overhead, looking exactly as menacing as it should.

Sometimes, there's something to be said for the simple tactics. Batman's symbol glows in the night sky, surrounded by the menacing red lights of Gotham. Or some such. At any rate, the NZXT Batman case looks sleek and silvery by day, like a certain Mr. Wayne, and is ready to kick arse at night.

I have never felt the need for my PC to glower at me. Glow, yes. Glower, no. It's probably trying to kill me as is; I don't need the shifty look.

But if your PC needs to hide its real identity behind a mask, for the safety of its loved ones, this is a pretty great way to do it. (source)

And finally, the utility belt. What is Batman without his utility belt? Dead, that's what. Splatted on the sidewalk.

This utility belt would not help Batman, not even a little. There's no grappling hook, no smoke grenades, no ever-useful batarangs. That's because it's a fully functional PC, if an unconventional one. There's a making-of to go with.


    Superman is a more believeable character than a billionaire donning a cape and beating people until they have brain-damage... I mean - give me a break.

    However, those case-mods are fantastic!!

    ^^^ wow... just wow...

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