Behind The Scenes With Black Ops II

In the latest video from Activision, Black Ops II's creative team, including lead writer David Goyer and composer Trent Reznor, chat about how very excited they are to be working on the game, which they see to be as much an "event" as a summer blockbuster.


    D...David Goyer? The guy who wrote Batman Begins and The Dark Knight? ... Activision, please don't make me buy a Modern Warfare game.

    Looks it's pretty clear these people have no idea on how to make an actual game.

    I mean sure they've gotthe making of a 'Partially Interactive 8 Hour Emotional Cutscene' nailed and people seem to want to pay money for that (embarrassingly enough).

    All I see is Emotionmen playing with awkward sock puppet characters.

    While I will defend the right for people to say they don't like CoD/BO/MW because it's not their kinda game, I get that. It's a preference, I have series/types of games that I don't enjoy as well.

    However I cannot support the idea that the games are poorly made/not good games; they have great production value, bring a high calibre story to the fold and deliver pretty constant and engaging action. It may not be the kind of game you LIKE, but it is still most definitely a game, and a pretty good one at that.

    I am really enjoying the advancement of the BO series in particular, and it's great seeing Reznor doing another soundtrack.

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