Behold The Glorious Epicentre Of Costly Comic-Con Collectibles

From Marvel to DC, Mass Effect to Halo, Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings; the Sideshow booth was the crossroads of fan service at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

Though I spent less than an hour touring Sideshow Collectibles' Comic-Con presence last Wednesday night, every time I stepped onto the show floor for the remainder of the event I felt a strong pull in the booth's general direction. I stopped by briefly on Friday to visit with Catwoman and Galactus, two of the most powerful pieces on display.

With price tags upwards of $US800, these desirable objects will likely never grace my person space, but the pictures were free, and I'm of a mind to share them with you.

Sideshow Collectibles products photograph quite well. Just look at the Hulk's ugly mug. It's like I took a picture of Mark Ruffalo and expertly Photoshopped it to look like the joyless green giant. The company's artists and sculptors excel at capturing emotions both strong and subtle.

In contrast to the Hulk's bestial brooding and raw rage, the Scarlett Johansson Black Widow statue captures the actress's unique look, applying a subtle slyness.

These large-scale creations are like moments frozen in time, just waiting for the clock to tick again. It's not sculpture, it's suspended animation.

Creating a figure or statue from a movie reference is one thing. Sideshow's people are also adept at interpreting iconic comic book characters in lifelike fashion.

The power and majesty of one of Marvel's greatest villains is laid bare in this Doctor Doom statue. The cloth cloak and tunic flow gracefully around rivet armour, his eyes sparkling with intelligence and a warning that, at any moment, Reed-rage could take over.

On the more delicate but no less deadly side we have DC Comics' Poison Ivy, an example of Sideshow's slightly more exaggerated art. This rendition of Pamela Isley could have stepped from the pages of a Joseph Michael Lisner Dawn comic. And that classic expression, exuding seductive menace; her foes know she's toxic, but maybe it's worth it.

Sideshow isn't afraid to go big, either.

That's not a cosplayer. That's a full-size Boba Fett they actually plan on selling, and I'm confident there are collectors out there that would line up for the chance to drop a sizable sum.

And let's not forget gaming.

We've got Master Chief from Halo 4...

...and no Mass Effect collection would be complete without this gorgeous Manshep.

You want prices? No, you really don't. It's better to enjoy these stunning shots, never knowing how far you are from possessing the subjects. I suppose you can always visit Sideshow's website if you're curious (or shopping for Christmas presents for your favourite Kotaku writer), but be warned, they might take you out of the dreamy haze these images invoke.


    Poison ivy...giggity giggity goo

      Waaaay to much chest.

    I just hope Sideshow expand on the Mass Effect license beyond boring default manshep...

      I know...I mean come on we at LEAST deserve a femshep action least

    I like the newer Black Widow more.
    I hope they do a new Lara figure.

    These look amazing. I like that they went with the Black Widow from Iron Man 2 as opposed to The Avengers version (she looks better with long hair!)

    So some of these are yet to be released? There is no sight of the Hulk figure you show, nor the doom or boba fett! You tease!

    I think thats MC from the Halo 1 HD remake.

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