Blizzard Isn’t Happy With Windows 8 Either

Blizzard Isn’t Happy With Windows 8 Either

Valve says Windows 8 is a catastrophe. Blizzard doesn’t disagree. Blizzard executive vice president of game design Rob Pardo says Microsoft’s controversial new operating system also isn’t great for his company, which makes games like Diablo III and World of Warcraft.

Nice interview with Gabe Newell — “I think Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space* — not awesome for Blizzard either,” Pardo wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

That’s two of the biggest companies in PC gaming both denouncing Windows 8, which will be out this October. Not a great sign for Microsoft.

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    • Uh, it’s been released in public beta for months now. In fact, these companies would have RTM copies of the OS, so in fact there is no-one else in the world who is more qualified to pass judgement than these guys at this point.

        • IIRC, Gabe Newell used to work for Microsoft in the early-mid-90s,
          and I think he actually used to work on the OS team… I wouldn’t
          just label him ‘Game Developer’ and pretend he’s ignorant to

      • LOL, You’re retarded. They’re GAME DEVELOPERS, not software of hardware manufacturers. I am literally laughing at you right now.

        • Games are usually the most demanding of hardware and the os that they are running on, AAA game developers probably have to work closer with the O.S than most mainstream software around besides drivers.

    • i am waiting for service pack 1 of Windows (Me) 8, like all the other experienced Microsoft users. Personally i have no use for metro on a desktop, it just a proprietary lock in type thing so once you learn and get used to it. Switch OS in the future will so much harder

  • Yeah shame you didn’t put in “why” it is not “awesome for Blizzard either”. So far their complaints are baseless when it comes to gaming.

    1. They say they don’t know whether to make it touch or hardware orientated – irrelevant to gaming as you just design what is best for your game.
    2. Forcing apps to be full-screen – excluding emulators every game I play IS full-screen.
    3. Usability nightmare? Lies – I’ve been using since the developers release(note: I am NOT a developer) & I haven’t encountered anything that has stopped me in my tracks. To be fair I have googled how to do some things much like how I googled to do things on Windows 7, Windows XP & Windows 2000 so I don’t see the problem.

    I like Windows 8 and when people give it a real go and see how much faster & smoother it is to operate they’ll enjoy it. Most conjecture right now it from an uninformed or blatantly bias party.

    • Yeah, I agree. And as far as I can tell (haven’t taken part in the betas/previews see), Windows 8 has all the functionality of Windows 7 in the “traditional” desktop, as well as the cross platform “Metro” interface, which looks to me will be used to intergrate Windows 8 across phones, tablets and Xbox 720, without having to make an scaled down version for all those platforms. Having an fully functional Windows across all platfroms sounds great to me, as no matter what device your using, all options will be the same, instead of being different for each platform (which usually looses functionality on phones and the like). Really this is all the usual pre-release Windows bombing that happens before every Windows release since 98/2000. And Blizzard can’t really say much having the worst DRM in living memory, which is the complete opposite of putting customers first, to begin with. Valves’ comments have more credibility, though I think they’ve been taken out of context and put into sensationalist territory.

  • They both need to stop their crying and build a metro style launcher. The obvious reason they’re upset isn’t anything to do with usability, it has to do with giving Microsoft a portion of their profits when they sell through the metro store.

  • No…it’s crap. Systems are SUPPOSED to let users do things the way they want, for minimum clicks and minimum obstacles to productivity. Windows 8 forgets all that. Actually, it throws it back in your face and says “get a mobile device! they’re cool!” A result of typical boardroom development.

  • You can disable the metro interface entirely, and a lack of start menu is nothing that hurts, i only ever used it for the shut down button. IMO windows 8 will be just fine if people learn to adapt but it having two different interfaces is just horrible, especially seeing as some of the apps dont cross over and there ware even 2 different browser versions for each space.

    • Good point. Alot of people don’t seem to get that you don’t have to use the Metro interface at all, if you don’ want too.

  • i have heard that with a few registry edits, you can turn it back to the windows 7 interface, if true i think microsoft simply needs to give users an option for metro/classic interface upon install

  • Isn’t Windows 8 going to have some app store/games center thing built in? It’s not surprising that Valve aren’t keen on the next Windows when it has a competitor built in. Blizzard was probably hoping to get into the same market with, but now with Win 8 Microsoft will be putting the pressure on to sell through their shop front.
    Just take a look at the recently released Mac OSX Mountain Lion. Apps that aren’t installed via the official app store get malware warnings, hoping to scare consumers into only buying directly from Apple so they can get their cut.

    • I think this is a good point. But does Steam for Mac have these same issues as well?

      Maybe this kind of heavy handed approach to a central App Store will funnel developers to Linux, following Newell.

      • I find it hard not to see Windows and Mac OSX the same now days. They are both obsessed with trying to merge their desktop OS with their tablet OS, with crappy results. 😀
        I also thought Newell’s Steam for Linux announcement and his talk of alternative revenue sources was a definite hedging of bets against the Win 8 app store.

      • Steam just works, windows app store or anything like gfwl will probably suck, I hope they dont try to lock them in, else linux is looking better and better.

  • Thanks for your input Blizzard. But, you know, always on DRM isn’t awesome for the customer, either.

    Your own product needs attention. Get your ducks in a line there, and then maybe I’ll listen to you about someone else’s product.

  • I don’t understand the hate:

    1. It runs exactly the same in the back end.
    2. It has a new GUI (source of the hate) but also includes the classic desktop.

    so yeah…

  • Blizzard take a decade to develop pieces of turd sequels that barely evolve on 17 year old games. Their opinion is absolutely worthless.

    • Not to the 10+ million people that play World of Warcraft, along with Starcraft II and Diablo III players. So their opinion is much less worthless than that of some guy on the internet who thinks that Blizzard’s opinion is worthless.

  • Never owned a smart phone and touch screen technology doesnt interest me in the slightest. With Microsoft recently announcing they will continue supporting Win7 until 2020 I see no reason at all to make the switch. Microsoft can keep their touch screen and app nonsense, I just want an OS.

    • Do remember when Doom 3 came out and you needed the then recently released Windows XP to run it? Then someone discovered with a 10 second tweak you could get it running under Windows 98. When the game Rage come out for Mac, it required the then recently released Lion OS. Is Doom 4 going to require Windows 8 then? I’m sure Microsoft have already thought of how to force people into the upgrade cycle; by preventing major releases from supporting the old OSes. Id Software probably already has the cheque. 😀

  • I thought that all this backlash was because Windows is slowly turning into a closed system, which is exactly why no one likes mac. Maybe these talks of Microsoft going downhill aren’t unfounded, especially with developers actively trying to push drivers and commercial programs for linux.
    Some people were complaining about how Valve is a monopoly and they were scared about them taking away their games; the only thing i’ve seen from Valve is them try and get into as many markets as possible, whilst everyone complains about episode 3 not being out. Yet here Microsoft is attempting to change their structure to something more closed off like Apple market, which is much more an attempt to secure their monopoly.
    Gabe said he was hinting to Adobe to make their products switch to a “free to play” alternative. This essentially means you get free photoshop but pay for the brushes or whatever and that sounds like a brilliant idea because some people already duel boot with linux as their main but these commercial products not being available means they can’t use the better operating system.
    I say better operating system because it’s currently the fastest and most open in the market; I read an article the other day about how Mac claimed it was the closest to single kernal architecture, then Linux came out and said that they have been for a long time. That doesn’t even mention Windows which is the only OS which requires perpetual reformatting to stop it’s constant disintegration.
    Not to mention Windows current identity crisis as to wether it’s a touch system or a desktop, Apple was one of the first to start polish on their touch systems but they didn’t forsake the PC market by making them have to lug it around with them.
    From a developing stand point is see where both Gabe and Rob are coming from, now whilst you may not agree with their gaming philosophies as of late (DRM, but honestly it’s not as bad as ubi’s 4 activation scheme that was going on and are you honestly offline that much?) these developers do have an insight to the industry most of us don’t. Valve is literally a tech company now anyway so i’d be more inclined to agree with Gabe when he says that touch is going to be a fad, most people just disagree because they’ve been begging for Half Life for so long.
    Sorry for the long post but I hope it was worth the read, I am in no way a computer expert this is just my observation and i’d love to be enlightened.

    TL;DR version: These guys probably know what they’re talking about.

  • Coming from developers that are openly flouting MS isn’t really a fair shake. Both develop for MAC as well. Windows developers like Relic Entertainment and Bioware think it’s a good thing. I’ve played around with it for months now and think it’s pretty cool. It’s a change, yes – but it might just make PC gaming more viable, and desktops more easier for the mobile generation.

  • If I were Blizzard I’d concentrate on making good games that people will enjoy before worrying about an OS. Release another Diablo 3 Blizzard and an operating system will be the least of your problems.

  • As someone that builds and sells custom computers I am dreading the weeks following the release of Windows 8, well the weeks after we run out of copies of Windows 7. The countless phone calls from customers wondering what the hell happened to Windows and how do they use this travesty of an operating system. I’ve used it on one of my test PCs, I’ve played with the start menu mods and such, none of them come close to the feel of Windows 7. The Metro interface is just a huge unorganised clusterf*#k of icons and useless information (although compared to the number of desktop icons some people have it might be tidier). Steam (currently) is a pain in the ass on windows 8 as there’s no quick way to open the steam chat window from metro. The new MSN/Messenger is just plain painful, that being said the 2011 release of MSN is horrible too (thank god it’s still possible to mod the 2009 version to bypass the forced update) and I don’t think I’ve seen anything on the windows app store that I would find useful in any way.

    I vaguely recall an early report from MS saying Win 8 was supposed to have a focus on gaming/gamers, I guess it turns out their version of gaming is shovelware you can get on facebook and phones. If some of the gaming industry leaders can publicly shame the lead PC platform they rely on for business then things aren’t looking too good for MS. Linux might finally get the big break it’s been looking for for so long. With Valve finally giving it the support it deserves and Windows 8 bombing out, we might see some other developers looking kindly upon the lonesome penguin.

    I would happily skip Win 8 if it weren’t for the fact that I have to learn how to use all the average users daily aspects of it to answer support questions at work.

    And to those who say Win 8 is fine and we should just learn to use it, while it may suit your needs it’s definitely not for everyone and not everyone has the ability to learn a new OS. The number of people I have coming into work with early Vista systems or still clinging to XP like it’s their life support machine is scary. These are the people who’s PCs are going to fail in the time that Windows 8 is out, these are the people MS will be catering to this OS cycle, these are the people that are likely to abandon the Windows platform in favor of OS X (god I hope not) or Linux. That is where Windows 8 will fail.


    • Agreed. Especially about shovelware. Not necessarily about OS X. Never had a real problem with it. Every system serves a purpose. Plus it is a hell of a lot more secure. Just shitty support for the programs we REALLY need. (AppStore is lame). I dual boot, like most people. OSX. Windows 7 for gaming. Considering linux as well now. Possibly to replace my Windows partition. Only, if and when Steam + game developers opt to use that OS for distribution of their products. Let’s face it, Window’s 8 isn’t great. And the older users really can’t handle a whole lot of change in their OS’s. Windows seems to be making radical changes with every upgrade. And there is no way they’ll migrate to Linux. Too much work for the inexperienced avg user. It totally isn’t an option. I think the older users cling to XP because they realize that Microsoft is not producing reliable OS’s that they can be familiar with from the get-go. They have the mentality that if they don’t know it, they won’t trust it, so they won’t buy it. I reckon in that respect, people are almost being pushed into the Apple Stores for a solution. Look at OSX UI. It never changes. And that is because good intuitive designs, that are accessible and versatile don’t need changing. Keep it simple. Plus it is wayyyyy cheaper to upgrade from Mac OS to OS, compared to Microsoft Win prices. I see it every day. People will look back at cheap PC’s in longing and blame Microsoft for their downfall with the mainstream user. /rant

  • …. there is 1 problem with all the rants here …
    Unless your willing to go to Mac or Linux …
    We got to put up with the company’s and there decision.

    And so far windows … doesnt realy … need to compete with Mac or Linux when it comes to
    Most! gamers, as most games are developed on there systems. thus they can release a system (Remember vista >.> ….) and people just need to take the kick to the balls.

    I dispise this OS, about as much as i dispise, people useing the word APP’s as the new “cool” word, Game Designers Destroying a series i love and constapation. But the unfortuinate side is … i dont realy have much of a choice bar make my own OS …

  • i’ve been running Win8 for 10 months, playing all games (numerous valve and blizzard titles in amongst that.). since it’s not RC, and only release preview, it’s not even supposed to be final, so all the arguments for ‘being qualified to make a call’ aren’t, because the release preview is not RC (for example, you can’t change your auto signature in email, pretty sure that’s not a final feature).

    blizz and valve are just annoyed because all of a sudden there is a competitive foot print between the user and them, which is the windows store. i.e. steam isn’t needed to distribute an indie title, so i check out indie titles on the windows store, and then don’t open steam to miss the hype/pre-sales/sales around apparent AAA titles and indie games. they don’t have to give revenue to microsoft if they have a free title with externally paid subscription. their issue is money is going to be spent by gamers elsewhere, and not with them.

    • Then why is everyone suggesting it’s a step backwards in many respects, not just because they released a store?

  • Riddle me this, friends:
    If Windows 8 is awful, but it can be JUST LIKE WINDOWS 7 with a simple setting change

    then why the hell would anyone want to use Windows 8 over Windows 7? If it can be JUST LIKE WINDOWS 7, why would I stop using Windows 7?
    We want steps forwards, not steps sideways.

    • Because Metro isn’t the only improvement (or non-improvement depending on your opinion) that’s been made to Win 8. See: faster boot times, new copy/paste dialog which sticks all copying into the one dialog box and allows you to pause and resume copying, the new improved task manager, plus other stuff that I can’t remember off the top of my head.
      Also, if I recall correctly, Microsoft was going to remove the code for the start menu, so you wouldn’t be able to just make a registry change and have it look just like Win 7.

  • LOL at all the people expressing opinions on how people (other than themselves) shouldn’t express opinions.

  • Microsoft needs to accept that their operating system peaked at XP, from there it’s been slouching.

    I really do hope Linux becomes more widespread, because an OS should be free.

    • XP is garbage comparative to windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8. Their is no comparison in functionality, performance or stability in usability they are for all intents and purposes a progression of UI development towards what is currently deemed by industry professionals a better user experience. I hate metro but I can barely wait for win 8. The pre-release performs so very well in games and applications, minus the driver hiccups we should all expect in a pre-RC.

  • Just another cycle in the good and bad windows releases. Windows 9 or whatever they will call it will be good.

    I’m sure it will be out by 2020.

    • Exactly. Everyone knows you’re supposed to skip every other Windows
      release. No Vista, Yay 7, No 8, Yay Nueve-or-whatever

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