Borderlands 2 Is Done, Gearbox Working On DLC

Today Gearbox announced that they're officially done with work on Borderlands 2. The full game is in certification, so that leaves Gearbox's hands free to work on the first downloadable content, introducing a new character class: the Mechromancer you see above (note: they're just sketches for now).

This mech-friendly character will be available roughly 60-90 days after the game releases. If you pre-order Borderlands 2, you'll be part of the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club, giving you access to her for free.

Free Pre-order Character Mechromancer In Full Production As BL2 Heads To Certification [Gearboxity]


    An interesting take on the explanation of DLC creation, I'm not sure if it'll stop people from complaining, but letting people know the stages of development like this as it happens is surely a correct step in calming the vocal masses.

      I would have thought this would make people angrier seeing as how the game is done and they are not releasing it just so they can make content that people will have to pay extra to get.

        Sure, the game is done, however it still needs certification as they've said and I assume disc pressing and then distribution.

        I admit to being ignorant on that topic, but surely the time between now and release will be used for those things? If I'm wrong I'd be more than happy to be corrected as I'd genuinely like to know.

        not really, cetification for and maybe a final round of bug fixes if any pop up during that phase then shipping off to be manufactured and then finalling shipping to stores around the word and to digital distrubtion hubs like steam usually takes around 2 to 3 months.

        I don't think that's the case, it's not like they're holding it back intentionally. While Gearbox has finished working on it, it still needs to be classified by everyone, published and distributed.

        The release date for Borderlands 2 is listed as September 18th and September 21 on wikipedia - I assume that's to account for different regions. Gearbox announced this yesterday, which was July 20.

        That's 2 months between going Gold and release date. That's also exactly the same time frame between the two for every Blizzard game - and if you've been keeping track, Blizzard also hold off on announcing the release date until they go gold, since they know it's a 2 month process. It actually makes me hugely confident that Gearbox have announced that they've gone gold, since the time for production, manufacture and shipping of physical copies to different countries is just about a known quantity.

        Additionally, since they have gone gold before working on the DLC, the Mechromancer is likely to be downloaded - even though pre-orders get a timed exclusives on it - so there's no on-disc DLC.

        Very good form from Gearbox. I hope they continue to present this level of visibility between developer and consumer.

        Definition: In Certification - the period in which a game has been provided to console makers (Microsoft/Sony) to be certified for release to gen pop. During said time no further changes can be made to the game.

        Or perhaps some people just dont realise what things mean, ie they have a whole lotta devs that are sitting round doing nothing, shock horror - lets get them to do something like make DLC instead of paying them to do nothing.

      It won't because it's still bullshit. If anything they're just fueling the fires by admitting that they're being dicks about they're DLC.
      If the game is finished, release it. As it's not being released until late September though (IIRC) then any content they are making now should be part of the full release NOT post-release DLC.

      If you make customers wait for a product and during their wait time you work on something they'll have to pay extra for, then you're ripping them off, it's as simple as that.

        Dude they aren't "Making the customer wait". Games need to be rated, there's probably some sort of commissioning phase. This goes out to external contractors it's out of their hands. are you ill???

          I Understand abou certification and distribution ect. My point was though that in 2 months time working on the DLC it'll likely be finished and ready to go on the game's release date (possibly needing to wait a bit longer for it's own certification). So then you will not only have to buy the game but also the day one (or day 30 release but day one finished) DLC.

          Yes I understand you can get it for free by pre-ordering but you shouldn't need to. Any content finished before the release date of the game should be included for the price of the title (either on the disc or as a free download. Day one (or close enough) DLC is the most ridiculous rip-off around, it really isn't any better then on-disc DLC (people just accept it more). It's not as if new game's don't cost enough already without charging an extra $15 for a character.

          I have no problem with post-release DLC, they can do as much of that as they want but I stand by that any content complete by the release date should be included in the cost of the game, regardless of if it can be fit on the disc or if you need to download it.

            So any and all content that is complete before release should be full release? Thereby creating longer development times as they rush to meet deadlines to include as much content as possible. Presuming this extra character takes 2 months to develop (or even 1 month) and you want it released as part of the game, this would mean that there would be another month before the game is released because of an extra character that likely adds nothing to their story but is an optional bonus for those that pre-order or paid for those that didn't have the enthusiasm to pay full price for the game rather than waiting until the price went down. Clearly you are aware of this pre-order DLC and as such, if you have not pre-ordered and are waiting for the price to go down then this extra content should NOT be made available simply because you do not want to pay for it when others have. Borderlands 2 is finished, the game, as they intended for it to be experienced is absolutely completed, therefore bonus content, which as I mentioned, likely adds nothing to the story and is an optional class should be sold as a bonus.
            It's like complaining if Halo 4 comes out with 13 multiplayer maps, but they have finished 17 on day one and release the other 4 on day 1 if you WANT it. You do not need it, it only adds to the experience but it's not necessary. If you want it, you buy it.

            You do realise they aren't releasing the character on day one, it says in the article they expect it won't be ready until 60-90 days after the release date. All your arguments against it are completely invalidated by that one simple point.

        I think they are being really good about it. If anything, they're doing us a favor by letting us know what they are working on and how we can get it at no extra cost.

    If people get angry I'll get angry at how little they think they know about certifying again.

    "I Just baked a meat pie, i'm putting it on the window to cool, and while it cools I'm gonna get dessert ready"


    People need to realize how long the certification process can take. Once the game is complete it can take around 3-4 months to pass through Microsoft/Sony testing and then you have manufacturing and distributions times for retail on top of that. You can't simply pop new content into the game during this period otherwise you'd have to restart the testing process all over again!

    Since DLC is generally distributed digitally, has a far shorter testing period and even a different set of technical requirements to pass its not uncommon for DLC that was made during this "after game completed" period to be ready for purchase at the same time as the original game goes on sale.

      Exactly, do fans expect 100's of Gearbox employees to just sit around for months while the game is certified? Of course they're gonna be working on new content and it's even free if you just pre-order, no biggie AND its not even coming out until we've had plenty of time to play through the main game.
      People need to get some perspective...

    As long as the game they release as "Borderlands 2" is a complete experience, Gearbox can make as much DLC as they like, whenever they like. A complete experience entails not having to pay extra for a complete story or living with under-powered/buggy characters and gameplay.

    this is BS, they're making dlc ready to line their pockets, wait and see how many bugs and glitches this game has and how long it takes for them to get rectified. dlc can f off, it's turning into "pay as much for extra dlc and features for only the complete cost of buying the whole game again" but it's not as good as buying the original game, because dlc is always terrible, empty, rushed and lacking the monetary value that's put on it.

      Yeah, how dare they support a game they just spent years developing.

      Are you getting angry at DLC, gearbox, or additional support for games in general?

      Sounds like someone sh*t in your cereal.

      Preorder the game and you get this character for free. You've got two months to either whinge about it some more, or go and put a preorder down.

    So, let's finish a game. and then sit on our hands for the next two months until it comes out, THEN we can start working on more stuff for the game so people get more stuff, and we as a business make more money?

    Are you people listening to yourselves? Why the hell would any sane person or company do that? The whole certification process is now completely out of their hands. Sit on hands and do nothing, or work for game content and money? Which would you do?

      Finally, someone with some sense.

        Hear, hear!

      Yay, I was beginning to lose all faith in society with all this self entitled crap. Glad to see at least some people have sense.

    Don't suppose they've said anything about pre-ordering it on Steam yet?

      i figure will be announced shortly after the steam summer sale hubbub dies down. I was holding out to grab it on steam also but caved and pre-ordered it retail save myself a 10-20 (rough guess) gig d/l

      Not yet, but they've explained that all copies are compatible with Steamworks. Besides, digital pre-orders won't get you one of those bobbleheads.

    If the game isn't out, why not include that content...?

    Interest evaporated.

      Did you actually read the 'article'? "available roughly 60-90 days after the game releases"

    To all the people who do not understand how works, just read most of the comments about the certification process. this is mandatory by Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Also the ESRB wants the game when it's basically finished to rate it.

    I know you want to be mad at GearBox, but this DLC thing isn't a bad thing. They are not forcing you to buy it like EA did with Mass Effect 3. No, if you are a loyal customer you can get it for free. If you want to wait then you can get it later and for a small price. Usually when a game is done the developers are either moved to another project or making DLC. I'd rather them make DLC and do it like GearBox has SHOWN to us that it can be done. This does not piss me off and I would hope people would realize that they are trying to help their loyal fans. They could pull a Capcom/EA and put it on the disc and forced you to unlock it with your wallet.

    It better not be a shitty buggy piece of crap on PC then.

    I don't get the anger, if you wanted this game you would have already pre-ordered it and are getting the DLC character when it comes out for free.

    If your not going to pay full price for it your going to buy it's special edition with all the DLC built in. If you intend to buy it pre-owned and want the DLC than it seems like you need to make sure EB is cheaper than buying the game and the DLC character.

    I've noticed in the age of Online Passes and DLC for new games, EB's Preowned aren't cheaper than buying it new.

    Here's the thing, it is a full game. 4 Characters and a campaign as promised. The 5th character is something they added later and is not necessary to enjoy the game as far as I can tell. How many people want to play what appears to be a little girl with a Big Robot? I do, but I pre-ordered the special edition months ago.

    Why aren't you complaining that only people who buy the special edition or better get to open the super chests in a special room?

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