Call Of Duty Vet Debuts A Whole New Kind Of Digital Comic

Keith Arem, talent director on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, among others, is planning an interactive graphic novel designed for the iPad.

Infex tells a complicated sci-fi thriller murder mystery. Cancer survivor Evelyn "Ivy" Kendall discovers her father's research could end all disease... and also create a horde of horrific genetically engineered monsters. He is, of course, murdered over the research. Ivy is the unwitting key to finding the truth and, years later, ends up captured by the bio-gen company her father founded. She and a companion must find a way to escape and reveal the truth to the world.

Infex promises not only animated art and a rich soundtrack, but also an impressive collection of voice-over work, including appearances from Lance Henriksen, Nolan North, Troy Baker, Steve Blum, Michael Wincott and more.

We'll hear more about Infex from San Diego Comic-Con, but the publisher, PCB Productions, has announced it will be available in the App Store on July 20.


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