Can You Tell These Pokémon Cards Are Slightly Different?

One card is in Japanese. One is in English. But that's not it. And sure, the Pocket Monster is "Grimer" in the West and "Betobetaa" (ベトベター) in Japan and the HP order and font were changed. Those aren't it, either. Those are big differences. There's a slight difference between these two Pokémon cards. Can you spot it?

It's the subtle differences... [Reddit via Gotta Catch 'Em All]


    In other news...

    Oh wait, I forgot, this site barely posts news.

      I enjoyed this analysis of what's culturally acceptable in different parts of the world for a game played by children. I'm sorry you didn't.

        I enjoyed watching posts from another site be straight copy and pasted.

      If you want pure gaming news. Don't come to kotaku.

    Oh Grimer! You perv!

      lol, I was going to say the eyes are different. . . then I read your comment and realised why the eyes are different.

    in one his eyes are aiming up, and in the other his eyes are facing inwards.

    Its the subtle difference.... If you cut and paste something from somewhere else, add no thought to anything and add a link in red then it isn't plagiarism it is REPORTING.

    i think this says as much about America (I'm assuming they are creating them for the west) as it does Japanese.

      I agree. It's unlikely he's getting a look up that skirt, with the angle, and a likely reason for the change is America's prudishness rather than Japan's horniness. Japan is pretty horny though.

    Well it is in the origonal anime song that pokemon love a bit of a panties flash.

    There's a few more like this too.

    Japanese version of Misty's tears has a naked sillohuette.

    There's a Koga trainer with different art because the original had a bhudism symbol that the swastika resembles.

    There's a lot of interesting cards with interesting stories.

    Dark Kadabra is the one that caused a lawsuit and the subsequent lack of any Kadabra cards since. (We had Alakazam SP in platinum but no Abra/Kadabra since SP are considered basic Pokemon...) Im not sure if we had the Alakazam family reprinted in the legend maker set (or whatever it was called), but i think the point is that there haven't been any new ones.

      The Reddit thread cites misty and Koga lol.

        *cites them straight away

      Was the Dark Kadabra card what caused Uri Geller to file that lawsuit against Nintendo? and why he also claims that Kadabra is "evil/anti-semantic" or something?

        This is from bulbapedia:

        In November 2000, Uri Geller, a psychic who claims to be able to bend spoons, tried to sue Nintendo for £60 million (the equivalent of US $100 million), claiming that Kadabra, known as Yungerer in Japan, was an unauthorized parody of himself. Besides Kadabra's use of bent spoons to enhance its Psychic powers, the katakana for its name, ユンゲラー, is visually similar to the transliteration of his own name into Japanese (ユリゲラー).

        He also claimed that Kadabra was anti-Semitic in nature, with the star on its forehead and lightning bolts resembling the logo of the Nazi SS. He is quoted as saying: "Nintendo turned me into an evil, occult Pokémon character. Nintendo stole my identity by using my name and my signature image."

        The lawsuit was thrown out of court. Despite this, there has not been a Kadabra card in the Trading Card Game since Skyridge in 2003 and Kadabra has not appeared in the Pokémon anime since Fear Factor Phony, perhaps as a precaution against Geller's history of lawsuits. Abra and Alakazam cards, have continued to be printed, despite the fact that this makes it impossible to play an Alakazam card in matches that prevent the use of old cards without a card that specifically allows the play of evolved Pokémon.

    Almost every bashcraft article would you find a "AND IN JAPANESE ITS CALLED [THIS]". We get it, you live in Japan, you gaijin.

      Well, to be fair, that kind of is his job. He's the Japan correspondent.

        Sure, maybe I'm just a bit jealous he gets to be in Japan, but I can't help but feel he likes to spend a few lines in all his articles to deliberately MENTION he lives there.

    I see the difference! He has a boner in one and not the other :P

    And here's some more weird shit from Japan's incredibly unusual hornbag subculture...

    Seriously, though. This stuff is more sad than funny.

    Just goes to show the difference in culture. Yeah, Grimer is looking up the skirt in the Japanese version... woopdidoo.

    Japan has a massive perverted world which is known by everyone in Japan but not really talked about because it's not of an eloquent nature and the Japanese consider themselves of an honorable nature. Meanwhile, back in Australia; Nintendo releases Dead or Alive on Nintendo 3DS and outrage occurs over the PG rating of the title which was later changed to M due to the fact you could see girls in short skirts and manipulate the camera to show you absolutely nothing... Japanese primary school kids probably think we are retarded.

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