Catherine Returns In Figure Form, But Cannot Out-Sexy Her Former Self

Back in 2011, Japanese figure-maker Max Factory showed off one sexy Catherine statue. In coming weeks, it's Art Spirits' turn with a sexy figure of its own.

But this new figure doesn't surpass last year's effort. Heck, it doesn't even come close.

Moeyo had a chance to check out this figure, which will be released later in the year in Japan for ¥6150 ($77). If you want to see official photos, they're here.

アートスピリッツ「キャサリン キャサリン(Catherine)」の彩色サンプル 【宮沢展示会2012春】 [Moeyo]


    Much prefer the fist Catherine figure released. Face is wrong with this one ;)

    Loved that game, but got bad lover ending :( will replay soon and be a complete sweetheart and see how that works out :P

    A figurine should never be called sexy.

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