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It's that time of year folks. The time for the Steam Sa— wait, never mind. That hasn't started yet. Soon though. Here, have these other game sales while you're waiting. Because you didn't need that money anyway, did you?

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page for updates on game sales that'll make your wallet cry. And you'll hear when the Steam Sale starts first on there. Or third. Or twenty-seventh maybe.


Digital Download Cubemen - $1.99 Gothic Complete Pack & ArcaniA Gold Edition - $25.00 The Incredible Machine Mega Pack - $3.99 Tomb Raider: Anniversary - $6.99 Wargame: European Escalation - $19.99

Retail Bioshock 2 - $14.99 Call of Duty MW3 - $36.99 Diablo 3 - ~$57.35 Limbo: Special Edition - ~$22.73 Metro 2033 - $13.99

Xbox 360

Bioshock 2 - $17.99 Dragon’s Dogma - ~$52.67 Limbo, Trials HD And Splosion Man - $14.99 Saints Row The Third - $28.99 Syndicate - ~$24.25


Bioshock 2 - $16.99 Deus Ex Human Revolution - Free with PS+ Devil May Cry HD Collection - ~$36.42 Dragon’s Dogma - ~$52.67 Uncharted 3 - $36.99

PS Vita

Gravity Rush - ~$44.02 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - ~$36.42 Wipeout 2048 - $29.99


Epic Mickey - ~$15.13 Resident Evil 4 - $22.99 The Adventures of Tintin: The Game - $15.00


Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance (3DS) - $48.99 Mario Kart 7 - ~$45.54 Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) - ~$45.54


    Mighty Ape has some pretty big discounts on at the moment:

    Just a few more dollars before Uncharted 3 is below $30. Be patient Masha.

      Totally 100% in the same boat!

        Its held up its price for a fair while. Im not willing to splash out too much for when it will only get about 10 hours of playtime.

          Multiplayer can extend that quite a bit- it's got some cool co-op missions.

          Not willing to pay $3 per hour? Tight arse.

      Just so you guys know you can use the code PAYDAY5 to get another 5 bucks off Uncharted 3.

      Game of the Year version is out soon

    the PC version of Limbo SE recently popped up in EB and went straight into their current sale, so it's only about $20 locally atm

      u should of bought the recent humble bundle 5 and got it real cheap

        you mean there are people who didn't?! (or for that matter; the old 75% off Steam deal)
        I think the primary market for retail CE's of indie games is probably the people who have already bought it two or three times online and want some fancy extras for their bookshelf :)

    Damn you Valve. I've yet to experience the awesomeness/horror of the steam sale. Oh where art thou?

    if anyone buys Metro 2033 for anything more than 5 dollars they are stupid, because there is probably no game that has been discounted to 5 dollars more than Metro 2033.

    Jb hi-fi has Soul Calibur 5 & FF 13-2 for $29 each. Pretty good deal if you haven't picked either up yet.

    Not a bad deal. Modern Warfare 3 is still $25 for ps3 and 360 at Harvey Norman

      you're the man Lars

    Amazon DD sale for those who play on PC. Fake an American address for your billing address and you're good. Got Max Payne 3 Steam version for $30 from there the other day.

      Thanks for the link, Sam. Some great bargains!

    If you happen to be around Harvey Norman Peppermint Grove they are selling Uncharted 3 for $20

    Does Kotaku realise SYNDICATE is Refused Classification here?

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