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Digital Download Alan Wake & Alan Wake's American Nightmare - $15.28 Dead Island GOTY - $19.99 (10% off with code ZOMBI-FICAT-IONGO) Defense Grid: The Awakening - $2.49 Dungeon Defenders - $5.09 Hacker Evolution - Free

Retail Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Expansion - ~$19.68 Dead Island GOTY - ~$22.61 Diablo III - $56.99 Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition - ~$22.61 LOTR War in the North - $18.99

Xbox 360

Call of Duty MW3 - $35.99 Darksiders II Limited Edition + Arguls Tomb Expansion (pre-order) - $54.99 Dark Souls - ~$22.61 Need for Speed The Run - ~$22.61 Tropico 4 - $16.61


Batman: Arkham City - $24.48 Darksiders II Limited Edition + Arguls Tomb Expansion (pre-order) - $54.99 Dark Souls - ~$22.61 Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time - $15.63 Shadows of the Damned - $17.60


Army Corps of Hell - $20.99 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - ~$34.97 Rayman Origins - ~$30.39


Driver: San Francisco - ~$15.13 Rayman Origins - $23.99 Trauma Center: New Blood - ~$10.57


Kid Icarus: Uprising (Game + Stand) - ~$45.40 Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater - $33.49 Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy - ~$34.90


    Won't* go cheap.

    Also, what stores are offering those retail prices?!
    This is such a good idea btw, getting the sale prices to people so they can catch a break is good.

      Those pink things are links. (to Zavvi and OzGameShop)

    where's my steam sale, Steam?

      Apparently it starts tomorrow, 3 am to be precise. That's when the store updates and supposedly that's when it's gonna start. Nothing official just speculation. There's a post here: that states what the bundles are. Pretty good IMO, considering this my first ever sale.

      One hour away, apparently.

        I stand corrected. Cheers

          Id say its closer to the 3 AM start - once the daily special runs out, now that midnight PDT has come and gone.

        Wow, really? Had I known, I wouldn't have bothered to write this up today :P

        Aha! I was right all along. It may start tomorrow after all, if it doesn't, well I give up.

    Don't forget about the 2 games for $40 on selected games at ozgameshop ;)

    Just wanted to add has Civ 5 Gods and Kings for 11 bucks.

    If you buy anything else from that site make sure you read the top of the product page and make sure it says region free.

      Can you vouch for that site PiratePete. Ironic name for me to ask about the legitimacy of the site :p.

        I have bought from the site so far about 4 games and 3 of the keys arrived within minutes, one took several hours.

        I think they are more legit than the other key sites because they clearly state above each game if it is region locked or not where as other sites will just sell you a Russian key and be like its your problem now.

        So one more time, Its fine just make 100% sure the game you are buying says region free above it :p

        I would however only use it to buy games that activate on steam.

    Also, Civ 5 is 15 dollars at GMG as well, you can get a code for Steam.

    Shadows of the damned is $14 at eb's ATM good cheap price for a fun game

    I got shadows of the damned from eb... brand new 15 bucks... great game too, wish I got it earlier. Would've glady paid more if I knew it was this good.

      A friend keeps telling me to play it. I get one tomorrow for $15. Thanks

    Cool idea for a topic btw, hope this becomes regular.

    Still working through games I bought during the last steam sale. Always something going cheap in the mean time that catches my eye, and adds to the pile of shame.

    Hacker Evolution isn't free anymore. It's back at $9.99.
    Hacker Evolution Untold is free for the next day however.

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