Check Out The Largest Map In Battlefield History

In September Battlefield 3's next expansion, Armored Kill, brings five new vehicles, a tank superiority game mode and the sweeping sands of the Bandar Desert, the largest map in the history of the franchise. Let's take a look at the first gameplay trailer!

Look at all that sand. It's like a budding George Lucas romance up in there. Players are going to need that real estate in the vehicle-focused expansion pack, and while endless sand dunes might be boring, I'm sure they'll be a welcome respite from the tight confines and winding passages of the snowy Alborz Mountain map.

These are just two of the four maps included in the upcoming expansion, due out in September (two weeks earlier for Battlefield 3 Premium members). We've got sand; we've got snow. That leaves jungle and lava.


    About as big as a COD map.

      Er right. Played both and have never seen a COD map get even remotely close to the size of BF3 maps.

      OT - Can't wait for this one. Though I have this niggling fear that this new Tank mode is going to be weak. Fingers crossed though.

      really dude? i play both, and i can assure you that the largest COD map barely makes up 1/3 of the largest bf3 map

      Complete and utter trollboy FA!l. Now, back in your pen...go on, in you go!

      Actually, I could probably safely say, that you could fit every COD multiplayer map into this one and then some....

      No. All of the COD maps could just fit into one Bandar Desert Map.

    Yeah its funny that they want us to keep focused on BF3 and not think about BF4 yet but at the end of a BF3 expansion trailer we get reminded about the BF4 bet.
    Yeah dice maybe but EA are just money grubbers and don't truly care about the games anymore, EA, Activision, Ubisoft, they are al the same now

      BF4 is like 18 months away, maybe more if its a next Gen title.

        Very unlikely. Considering how much the consoles were at launch this gen, there wouldn't be much of a base to support release.

    Such big maps, so few PvP on console.

    Not worth the money. Bloody EA and their fleecing.

    ALMOST makes me want to play BF3 again, almost.

    I've not spent a great deal of time with vehicles in BF3 this could be a nice game extender for me.

    I don't even know what gamemode you have to play to access the tank.

    ^ Any Conquest Map has Vehicles.

    I can see lots of walking happening after bailing a vehicle 10% away from destruction.
    Then hurling abuse at players who drive by and do not pick you up.
    Then deciding whether to suicide or walk back to base.

      Surely they'll implement some automatic pickup and return to base method... a map that big is ridiculous to be left on foot anywhere. But between being killed and mocked by both addicts (earned all unlocks) and the overpaid (bought all the unlocks), it's now a dead game to me. I miss BF-1942 in its prime...

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