China's First Console Is Struggling

The Lenovo-backed company eedoo, makers of China's first domestically made video game console the CT-510, has fired its head of marketing, Wang Jinzhu, over dismal first-month sales.

According to Tencent games news channel, the CT-510, which has been out since late May, has had terrible sales mostly due to the lack of advertising, marketing and its exorbitant $US600 price tag.

Last month, I got to review the CT-510, and to me it was amazing that the technology worked. Of course, for $US600, Chinese consumers wanted more — especially when they could purchase an Xbox 360 plus Kinect for a much lower price on the grey market.

Chinese consumers have also been complaining about the lack of quality in the games found on the CT-510, citing that while the Xbox 360's price goes up when games are taken into account, the games are of better quality than those found on the CT-510.

One thing to note is that eedoo never claimed or marketed its device as a gaming console; instead it was pitched as an online multimedia set-top box akin to the Apple TV or Google TV. Tencent argues that this designation may be one of the reasons why the CT-510 isn't doing well.

Tencent also reports that while eedoo was able to attain funding for its initial launch, it has been having problems drumming up extra funding. Right now, it looks like eedoo may be facing some problems other than just financing. Reports from the State Intellectual Property Office also show that eedoo's claims of having mostly proprietary technology in its CT-510 to be a farce.

Things look dire for eedoo and its CT-510; in my last interview with eedoo I was told that there will be a sequel to the CT-510, but if Tencent's report about eedoo is serious, then that probably won't happen.

国产游戏机高管被炒 售价3799元堪比PS3 [Tencent]


    It's so chinese that they copied their own counterfeits.

    That looks exactly like how you wake the kinect up.

    looking at the console it has a badly designed package, derivative (yet still abysmal) UI, focus on motion gaming without a solid foundation of basic core games.

    As a multimedia option it fails compared to the samsungs, sonys and current chinese brands. As a gaming device people would rather play a DS.

    They shouldn't fire the head of marketing, they should fire the product engineers and everyone else in the company (probably should start with the CEO since its likely he's the one telling people to focus on making a low cost product)....

    With the amount of talented Chinese engineers and designers coming out of university, This product makes me feel sad.

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