Comic-Con 2012: The Swag So Far

Comic-Con 2012: The Swag So Far

The 2012 San Diego Comic-Con officially starts today, following a preview night filled with the sweating of backs and the exchanging of cash for pretty things. Let’s see what I’ve picked up so far.

I’ve tried to follow my wish list closely, but some items weren’t available last night, and some were unexpected goodness.

In the ever-growing pile on my hotel room desk we see:

  • Two 3.75-inch bloody Brock Samson action figures from Entertainment Earth (one is for a friend)
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic glow-in-the-dark Zecora (she does evil dances)
  • Warehouse 13 Claudia Maquette from QMx (I dance with glee!)
  • D-Arts Mega Man X Vile figure (with bourbon glass)
  • Mega Man Proto Man Bobble Budd (I like Mega Man more than I realise)
  • Monsuno – I have no idea how this ended up in my bag
  • Freckles: The Art of Victoria Ying (As seen in the lovely Comic-Con bingo card)
  • A pair of Meat Bun t-shirts (I love them Meat Buns)
  • Those Yo Gabba Gabba buttons
  • Sideshow Collectibles’ Cobra Viper 1/6 Scale Figure (This one was a surprise)

I think I’ve shown tremendous restraint so far, and by restraint I mean impatience for standing in long lines. I’m just a bout done I think; only a few more things left to pick up. Surely this pile can’t get too much bigger.


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