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Last week I wrote that it might be worth waiting for review before plonking dollars down on Spec Ops: The Line, but the reviews have come and gone and the results are... inconclusive. Looks like this may genuinely be one of those rare games that elicits properly different reactions from different players. The kind of game you have to play to get an idea of.

Even just personal accounts I've heard from friends differ wildly. Some really enjoyed the game's story and the, seemingly, meaningful choices, but others couldn't overlook the core mechanics, which feel a little derivative. Once again I haven't spent that much time with the game, but I'm keen to hear your thoughts?

It seems like the most interesting thing about the game is the unique, grey-area situations you're placed in, which is intriguing to me. I'm not sure if I can be bothered playing through another third person shooter to engage with those choices, but it's interesting none-the-less.

What do you think — worth playing?


    If you liked Apocalypse Now or Heart of Darkness, you'll love this game.

    There's actually a "decent" story in a shooter for once.

      Oh, and like Silent G says below - the tool tips are a fantastic addition. If you're playing, take note of them.

    $25 on Amazon for PC at the moment. Worth the gamble at that price.

    Agree with Zap. It's an excellent, contemporary retelling of Heart of Darkness. Like Apocalypse Now, it is quite dark, vivid, and psychological. So, from a story-telling and narrative perspective - it's fantastic. The visuals, atmosphere, and voice acting - fantastic.

    Gameplay is adequate. Yes, it isn't anything new or exciting. But it isn't bad either. In fact, it very much seems to me this was somewhat intentional. You really are supposed to walk into the game for the gripping narrative. Although, understandably, it doesn't necessarily harness much replay/multiplayer value due to this lack of innovation.

    I don't play Third Person Shooters, so for me, it didn't feel boring anyway. But for veteran players it will likely be problematic.

    Ultimately, worth it for the excellent artistry (compared to your run of the mill shooter, especially). If not now at launch, then definitely on sale in the future. I pre-ordered and got a second game free, which made it totally worth it in my book. Taking it slow, spreading the 7-odd hour campaign over a few days to really enjoy it. I'd give it a 7/10 if I had to put a number on it.

    The game plays a lot like Gears of War minus the polish and Sci-Fi setting . Found myself yawning after the first hour with the repetitive checkpoints and generic military tropes being played out one after the other. I thought I could enjoy another military style shooter but damnit I'm so sick of the tough guy, spec ops, military fantasy BS that goes on in these games. The way they handle mass murder and the soldier's reactions to it is so forced, so ham fisted that I had to stop playing.

    Skip it. Gears of Duty for dummies.

      You gave up on the game before it even started to work its magic. The whole point is that the first section is a generic, tough guy military shooter... the game then beautifully subverts that. You're missing out!

    I really liked it, and I'm glad because I took a gamble on buying it. It's a great shooter that is like Gears of War minus aliens and dispropitionate soliders crossed with Army of Two or the like, and shows a side of war the games don’t - the brutality of casualties caught in the middle of warfare. It has some pretty dramatic scenes. CoD fanboys won't give it the time of day though I'm sure.

      Patience, my young padawan. The campaign is about as long as Gears of War 3s (about 8 hours) and for the first hour or so it purposely starts off as the cliche characters and typical shooter style game, but as you progress, it evolves and becomes something way more.

    I personally loved it. The story made the slightly generic shooter components worthwhile. One of the truly "mature" games out there. While some may be tired of him and mistake that for bad work somehow, nolan north really makes a character out of Martin Walker. By the end his voice is rougher, he's struggling to speak and his humanity has been tested far more than he expected. Nolan North makes you feel that. There are so many minor touches to the storytelling that really set this apart from the pack. Highly recommended for anyone who can enjoy an experience. If you're the sort of mathematical gamer who won't give the story time of day, just skip it. Also, maybe give it a miss if you're heavily conservative. I've heard a lot of people refer to it as "liberal propaganda" in the way it demonizes war. Don't be one of those guys, it's an awesome experience. Leave the politics out of it, the mechanics take a back seat as you should with certain games and enjoy the experience.

    Rented, then bought straight after.
    A refreshingly different take on military shooters.
    Gameplay is competent, won't set the world on fire.
    Things just go from bad to worse, with no clearer motivation than kill or be killed.
    Probably my favourite part of the game was one of the tips on the loading screen: "Do you feel like a hero yet?"
    Nolan North is excellent.
    The game isn't afraid to look at the price of war. Somewhat ironic, given that it's a shooter itself.
    But I recommend the game, and bought it to thank the developers for something different.

    I really want to like this. In fact, I really want to play it. PC version has a rare bug where there's no sound during any video cutscenes though, which is one of the main ways the game delivers its story, and the story is the main thing I care about. Hopefully it gets fixed.

      Odd, I bought on Steam, and have had such problem. I'd say it's more likely that you have out-of-date drivers or something like that? Pity, but there is always subtitles in the mean time!

    So uh, do ANY aussie Xbox gamers wanna have a few MP round with this game? I enjoy it online... but I only ever find games in fscking US or Europe and the lag is too much in a game where you die from one bullet.

    If anyone does my gamertag is BjornGrim (Oh and same shout out for anyone who wants to play some GR:FS on xbox too!)

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