Community Review: Spelunky

I've been wanting to check out Spelunky, but it's bad timing. This month is Shameless Gaming month, and I've sort of committed myself to not playing new games in July. But if there was one game that could convince me to break that pact, and buy a new game, it would most likely be Spelunky.

I've just heard so many positive things about the game, and it seems to be the kind of thing I would enjoy. It's a similar situation to last year — Bastion came out roughly half way through Shameless Gaming 2011, and I had to wait to play that game as well. I ended up being completely underwhelmed by Bastion, but I'm hoping Spelunky will be worth the wait.

I'm keen to hear what you guys think? Some of my friends are in love with the game, others have tried to enjoy it, but found it a little unrewarding.



    I don't have an xbox and it's been killing me that I can't play it. I've watched half a billion videos of other people enjoying it though.

    i absolutely love this game... its frustrating as hell but so addictive...

    people should try the PC version for free... its not as good but if you don't want to drop 1200 MSP on it its close'ish

    It is good but I cannot play for more than 15 minutes at a time. Just to frustrating.

    I've been meaning to check it out, just waiting for a few more opinions before I jump in.

    One of the most enjoyable games i've played. I spent hours on the PC version and finished it, and the 360 version's still incredibly enjoyable, especially multiplayer.

    I don't have an xbox, but if I did I'd grab Spelunky immediately- the pc version is fantastic. I wouldn't worry about letting it "break your pact" though, it's one of those games that's great to play for a few minutes during a coffee break or something, and would probably actually complement Dark Souls well. When you get frustrated with one, you can take a break and get frustrated with the other one! :P

    I think I tried this at the Game Masters exhibition.
    To be honest, I wasn't too thrilled with it, but I can see where others would definitely enjoy this game.

    The game is frustrating as hell but it draws me back constantly as its addictive and hugely rewarding when you do succeed.

    If it had a 6 or so hour story mode that wasn't so brutal it would be perfect, but its still damn fine as it is. additional mode that was like Zeliard. That would be so good.

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