Compare The Same Mario Game Running On The 3DS And 3DS XL

We've got two copies of New Super Mario Bros. 2 in the office, and we've got an original 3DS and the new 3DS XL. The XL's screens are advertised as being 90 per cent bigger than the screen on the regular 3DS. Numbers are nice, but wouldn't you rather just see the same game running on each unit? That's what we've got for you right here.

The 3DS XL is out now in Japan and Europe. It will be out in Australia on August 23, alongside New Super Mario Bros. 2. The bigger system will retail for $249.95 in Australia.


    Not sure if I should buy the 3ds XL or wait & see if a revision comes out with a higher resolution screen & 2nd circle pad. Confused I am!

      Pretty sure there won't be a higher resolution version as hardware will not be improved unless you mean next Generation of ds. They won't add the 3nd circle pad because they are selling 3ds at a very low price and will cover the cost from accessories such as circle pad pro like how vita decided to be expensive and still forcing you to get accessories like memory card =_=

        I'm pretty sure you are right. If you want a 3DS, I think the XL is the one to get. The red one :)

    They wont add the 2nd circle pad because very few games support it, they don't want to fragment their market and developers do not want to spend money developing for hardware that has a very low install base. Just forget about it, it's not going to happen until Nintendo do a 3DS (2) just hope that it has backward compatibility.

    I'm happy enough my 3DS. I mean if I was buying one now, I'd probably spend the extra $50ish and buy the XL, but I'm not complaining just because I bought it earlier to play Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7.

    One of the reasons I'm not too fussed about not having the XL, is that even though my hands are definitely too big for the original, I can still hold it comfortably. The only thing that's slightly less comfortable is my index fingers on the shoulder buttons, but the XL is hardly going to solve that because the d-pad, circle pad and a/b/x/y are all relatively close to the side of the unit.

    hi there yeah $199 in usa or $249 with super mario bros 2 game bundeled

    I'm sure this video is great, but rather than being the entirety of
    the article, it would be nice if you wrote and article and had the
    video as a bonus addition. I'm trying to secretly kill time at
    work, dammit!

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