Conan Plays Minecraft, Trolls Graphics

Only Conan O'Brien could play Minecraft and say it's like being a Welshman in the 19th century, spending your waking hours digging in a coal mine.

Not that he's wrong. For many players that's probably a fairly accurate analogy. Only maybe with less singing.


    well, screw him! Giving minecraft a bad rating because of the graphics! shame on him

    I think anyone who played it for the first time would think it looks crap. You come to love how it looks after you play it for a while

      "I guess all i had to do was look at the beauty within"

      Unfortunately, unlike other games, in the first 5 seconds you pretty much have the full gamut of what minecraft has to offer visually.

    "For many players that’s probably a fairly accurate analogy. Only maybe with less singing."

    Unless you're the yogscast. Then there is singing.

    Honestly he is right, Minecraft is NOT a good game at all, really.
    Uninspired graphics, Notch fired the artist, and used his own developer place-holders in the game. That is plain lazy. the enemies have extremely simple AI, once you know how to deal with them they are childs play to kill. The gameplay is bland, too. I honestly do not think minecraft is worth the $20? now, other games like Trine 2 for example look beautiful and I got that for $7.

    Even if you put a texture pack on it, it still looks like it is missing something.

    They didn't explore a single cave? Just scratching the surface.. literally.

    Conan sucks balls. Selfish, overpaid 'victim playing' little twat! Jay Leno is class.

    Thought it was accurate review of this "game". Excuse me while I go back to something with actual gameplay. If I want to build a world, I'll take SimCity anyday.

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