Japanese Police Arrest Student Over Wii Homebrew Software

Japanese police arrested a 19-year-old university student from Kyoto Prefecture for allegedly violating the country's Unfair Competition Prevention Law. In short, the student was nabbed for posting Wii homebrew software online. This is apparently the first arrest of its kind in Japan.

According to Japanese news reports, the "illegal program" allowed players to boot up pirated software on the Nintendo Wii. This past February, the student supposedly put the software up on his website, where it was downloaded nearly 6500 over the course of three months.

Since last year, the student earned roughly ¥200,000 ($2500) from his site in advertising revenue. That should come in handy with his legal fees.

Wiiの不正プログラム提供 容疑の大学生逮捕 [産経]


    Unless he was bundling the software with copyrighted material, then shouldn't his entire 'business' be legal?

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