Cringe At Five Minutes Of Amazing Video Game Car Crashes

Cringe At Five Minutes Of Amazing Video Game Car Crashes

If you’ve ever thought, hey, video game car crashes are good, but not perfect, maybe you should take a look at this physics demonstration from BeamNG, which shows cars crumpling in such a realistic manner I can hear the safety glass crashing through my speakers.

A small company that specialises in “state of the art real time physics simulation”, BeamNG will today have fans of Grand Theft Auto and Burnout the world over wondering, hey, maybe the next games in those series should have car crashes that look this good.

If crushing cars is your thing, check out this similar video from May.

BeamNG [Company Site, via TDW]


  • This would be cool in a sandbox game like GTA. When npcs in the game have car accidents there may be random things happen like fatalities or road rage etc. With cops, ambulance and tow truck showing up and what not. And with weather you could have a foggy day with mass pile ups. And then have the traffic act accordingly so massive delays, news reports over the radio etc.

    tl;dr Cool crashes…

  • I would love to mess around in this engine, I hope they release a playable editor or something. On a side note, those are some pretty bendy cars.

  • Well yeah… Because the damage in IV was just squishing the car’s original shape.
    Rockstar had better not deliver a GTA V with IV’s outdated damage system, they’ll be laughed at.

  • Wow this is fantastic, still a demo but it is almost there.
    The end showing the slow motion jump is a great example to show how much the physics
    affected the car, the mirror jiggles the plastic bumper jiggles.

    I saw another video that shows the pickup tray flex as it was turning.

    Excellent work would love to see it in Grand Theft Auto or Burnout.

  • So judging by the video, is this going to be a CryEngine 3 plugin?
    Very impressive stuff! Some cars looked a little *too* collapsible though

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