Crysis 3's Interactive Trailer Lets You Choose From Sneaky Or Overpowering

This newest look at Crytek's bow-wielding first-person shooter gives viewers the option to see what it looks like you take on enemies sneakily or jump in with guns blazing. The threequel set in a New York overgrown with apocalyptic levels of vegetation comes out next year for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360/


    One thing I don't understand, does the stupid option appear during gameplay or just in this video to show us which mode the person played? If it does show during real gameplay. I would be pissed as hell since they just destroyed the game.

      Clearly this is 2 trailers in one, showing the freedom on how to play the game. Those options are a youtube thing which takes to to certain points of the trailer. The first 9 minutes is the Rambo assault way and the last 9 minutes is the stealth way. That should have been pretty obvious given the length of the trailer.

    If this game is anything like 360's turok, ill be using the bow most of the time.

    Bow with multiple arrow options sounds pretty sick. The game looks awesome, I am fairly stoked for this, by the time it comes out I can lash out and buy some new kit for the PC version. I hated C2 with Maximum Passion , especially the lack of Power Struggle mode in Multiplayer. I hope this will be a return to great MP and a super fun happy single praya campaign. We need this.

    So are you still Alcatraz in this? There seems to be a lot mentions of "Prophet" in the trailer

      If you finished Crysis 2 you'd know why ;)

      Also I hope the PC version will have DX11 effects out the box instead of waiting for a patch like in the last one.

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