Fine Art: Crytek Concept Art Includes More Battlefront III Images

Chris Matthews is a senior artist at Crytek UK, the studio formerly known as Free Radical (Timesplitters). The art you're about to see, then, has not only some Crytek stuff such as Crysis, but also some art from the developer's cancelled Battlefront III project.

Just to tug at the heartstrings a little more.

Having been at Free Radical/Crytek UK since 2005, he's now working on Crytek's Homefront sequel.

You can see more of Chris' art at his personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    I think the term "holy shitballs" is appropriate here.
    I wish my art was that good... oh wait I'm a programmer.

    Battlefront 3 on the CryEngine 3? ... MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Why the hell did Lucas Arts and EA waste money on Swtor? All the fans want is Kotor 3, Battlefront 3, and Republic (or Imperial) Commando 2. How can they not understand this? Hell a lot fans even want an X-wing or Tie Fighter game. Stop forcing the animated Clone Wars crap on us and give your adult audience what it wants!

      Well Said Mate!..

        But for this to happen Lucas Arts & EA would actually have to listen to what the fans actually want and then go create a game that is designed to cater to said fans and not just continue "forcing the animated Clone Wars crap on us".
        That also means they would have to shift their prime focus from making crap loads of money by shipping shallow, action only driven games to something a little more er...less shit.

    Is it just me or did everyone else miss that Robocop2 model!?!?!
    That model looks AWESOME!

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