Custom Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle Leaks Ahead Of Microsoft's Official Announcement

A Microsoft store listing, since removed, said a limited edition Halo 4 console bundle will be released, delivering the game and a specially designed case on a 320 GB Xbox 360 configuration for $US400.

IGN spotted the listing earlier this evening. The Halo 4 360 will play custom Halo sounds whenever the device's capacitive eject or power buttons are pressed brushed lightly grazed. The bundle also includes two custom-skinned controllers, a headset, and codes to redeem Halo 4 downloadable content.

Naturally, as soon as the listing popped up, Microsoft removed it. Halo 4 is due on shelves on Nov. 4.

Halo 4 Console Available for Pre-Order [IGN]


    Colour me impressed. That is one great looking Xbox.

    Ill stick with my Star Wars Xbox, that seems a bit much for my tastes...

    $400usd thats like $600-$700 with the australia tax but it does look nice, will put it on my maybe list

      Remember that the Electronic Enquiry might cheapen it a bit.

    Dammit! I hate it that this looks way cooler than the HALO:Reach console I picked up a while back. I can't go buying a new console every 2-3 years!

      Yeah tell me about it... I bought the halo reach one after original one RRODed the second time AND THEN they released the GoW xbox and now this :(

      my wife said I can't have another xbox as mine is working fine at the moment.... anyone want to buy a Halo Reach xbox and controler closer to Nov?

    Very impressive looking.

    But I'll stick with my Halo 3 console.

    Halo 4 comes out November 6th not 4th

    Damn... I could definitely say that I'm not buying it, but I know I will, that means I'm going to pack-up either my H3 or my HR console

    I knew this would happen... poor wallet of mine :|

    I want! *cries*

    Listed now on JB-Hifi's website as per below link:

    I had the green Halo CE xbox...was stolen :'(

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