Dark Knight Rises Figure Might Be The Most Realistic Toy Ever Made

The full name for this product is "Batman - Bruce Wayne DX Sixth Scale Collectible Figure". That's for retailers though. People like you or I will just know it as "holy crap it's a plastic Christian Bale".

The 12-inch figure, made by Hong Kong-based Hot Toys (see here for their incredible Avengers range), won't go on sale until December. But if you think a replica Batman is worth $US260, you can preorder it now.

Included is everything except the kitchen sink. There are alternate hands, lots of weapons, two heads (one with mask on, one without) and two alternative mouths for the Batman head — one kinda pouting, the other in a classic "WHERE IS HE" scowl.


    Its the Christian Bale figurine we don't need... but it's the Christian Bale figurine we deserve

    I walked between it and the light and apparently the figure and I are finished... we are f***ing finished... apparently I'm still a nice guy but we're f***ing finished...

      I want you off this desk, you prick!

        But but but.... I understand...


        (Adam, go to youtube, look up Christian Bale rant :) You won't regret it :) )

    Changable lips should only be on a MR Potato Head or at a stretch MRS Potato Head.

    The DX series Joker 2.0 is also amazing in its detail ->


    I don't actively collect figurines, but if I did, I'd go for ones like that. The more detail, the better.

    Wow. Amazing Christian Bale head piece, the boots look a bit average.

    - They should make a Bane figure too.

    Doesn't look any more realistic than some of their other figures. Still very cool but, at that price, prohibitively expensive.

    So Batman... no guns but laser rifles are A-okay? I got that right?

      As long as it doesn't kill. Batman will use any weapon at his disposal, he may even maim if unavoidable. But he will not kill.

        Nope, no guns. Not to kill or to injure. Not ever (with 1 very specific exception)

          He's used firearms before just not AT people. (30s comics excluded).

            Batman year two part one and batman final crisis fyi.

    Awesome, but it's a pity that the regular figures in stores suck arse. I could swear that they put no effort at all into your regular consumer figures nowdays.

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