DayZ Hits 500,000 Users

The cult sensation DayZ has reached 500,000 users, according to a tweet from the DayZ team. That's a lot of killers, noobs and slaves.


    Thats not a lot of people considering the noise this is getting.

      That's a massive amount of players for a free mod on a 3 year old game that not many people would have played ever.

      It's probably a lot of noise, but the process of actually playing can be fairly daunting if you don't know what you're doing

        Indeed. A month on and I'm still learning new things, discovering new things, getting that elated feeling when I accomplish something. It truly is a sandbox game that I've been seeking for years. We were cruising around in a truck the other night, stopping at gas stations, filling up, stopping at stores, raiding, seeing how far we would get. Just doing that...

        Sounds like standard fare in GTA, but in DayZ just getting a truck alone is a herculean feat...

          you sound like a legend to me mate.

          I'm exclusively Mac at home and the PCs I can borrow from work can't even run Arma2 so I've been on the sidelines watching vids. Where the hell did you find a truck?!

            You dont find it you have to build it. You have to find all the parts put it together and then get fuel constantly. hardest to do it chopper.

              Uh.. I'm afraid you are mistaken.
              You do need to find the truck (or any vehicle), then you are required to repair the truck from it's broken down state.
              Commonly required parts are wheels, fuel tanks, windscreen glass and scrap metal. Empty jerry cans can be filled at any of the numerous fuel stations around the map. Different vehicles will require different amounts of fuel, from bikes (1 jerry can) up to choppers (20 jerry cans).
              Most vehicles have a very generous storage capacity for items.

    Needs more Aussie servers. Would love to try it but I can never get on line.

      Yup, either that, or they need to support having more players on each server. It would be nice if player encounters were a bit more common, especially away from the coast. Not too common though, as that would take away from the tension of each one, but just enough that you can't spend hours wandering around without ever seeing a single soul.

      It rarely takes more then 60 seconds to join any full AUS/NZ server.

      Put left hand on spacebar, place right thumb on enter key, left little finger on num pad enter key, play those keys like a piano and bingo! You're in.

    I love the game but the novelty is dying out. Not because of lack of things to do / loot, but because it is sitting at a ratio of 15:1. 15 mins to get onto a service: 1 minute of play before a) the server crashes b) you die because of glitches c) something I can't explain happens..... and then i die.

      Cannot say I've ever had that issue. Once you get into the swing of it you last longer. My average character lasts hours now...

      I don't understand... rarely takes me more than 1 minute to connect and my character has been alive for 28 days and counting.

    That "slave" thing is such a ... I don't even know what word to use. Seeing someone being taken hostage like that instead of shot or ignored is as likely to happen in DayZ as it is in Halo, or CoD or any other shooter or RPG or game. The fact that it happened in DayZ doesn't mean DayZ is a world of possibilty, it just means a bunch of players wanted to roleplay that way and decided to actually go along with it. It has almost nothing to do with DayZ anymore than tebagging is a form of sexual harrassment in Halo - and do we really want to go down that road of Bungie and Microsoft "actively" (is we assume taking hostages is a part of DayZ) allowing sexual harrassment in their games? I don't think so.

    On the numbers: 500,000 is HUGE for a mod, that number probably hasn't been seen since Counter Strike and Team Fortress. But DayZ is also getting a tonne of press coverage so I'm not really surprised.

      You're right in that aspect. For every awesome story you hear about bizarre player rituals, people being kidnapped and being used as slaves there is so many instances where you're life will simply end. Another player will simply kill you for the sake of killing you; nothing more.

        Thats whats awesome about the mod though! You don't know if you can trust them or not.

    sigh and it will never see a ps3 release :( one of these days i will have to get a decent laptop or pc but no room in the house a pc LOL sigh, dammit

      Consoles are the scourge of gaming. Thank god A PC MOD will NEVER SEE a console release.

        Good thing that Rocket plans on making it a stand alone then eh ;-)

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