Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gets Deal To Be The Next Big Video Game Movie

It's apparently a big week for silver screen adaptations. Yesterday we heard that Michael Fassbender would star in an upcoming Assassin's Creed film, and today we learn we're getting a Deus Ex movie. And not just any Deus Ex story, but specifically Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Eidos and Square Enix have announced a deal with CBS Films to adapt the 2011 hit game. The Eidos Montreal team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution will reportedly be working closely with CBS Films on the project. In a statement, Terry Press, co-president of CBS Films, said: "No one knows Human Revolution like the team that created it, and we look forward to working with them from day one to make a film adaptation worthy of the Deus Ex name."

The two producers assigned to the project, Adrian Askarieh and Roy Lee, have widely different histories. Askarieh produced the 2007 Hitman adaptation, and is also working on a Kane and Lynch adaptation. Lee, meanwhile, co-produced How to Train Your Dragon and was executive producer on the American remakes of The Ring and The Grudge.

There's no word if it's connected to the previous Deus Ex short film that made the rounds earlier this year, but either way, that gives us a taste of what Deus Ex might look like, Hollywood style. Given how strongly the art aesthetic of Deus Ex: Human Revolution was inspired by films like Blade Runner, it somehow makes sense that the series would be coming full circle and going to film. And even if the movie is terrible, at least it will have one thing going for it: the audience won't have to play the boss fights.


    I'm thinking Unnecessary? seems like Human Revolution was cinematic enough!
    Now the original... that could play out differently

    I wonder if this is going to go the same way the original deus ex movie did.

    Christian Bale as Adam Jensen, perhaps? Now that his Batman trilogy has wound up he needs to find somewhere else where he can use his carefully cultivated gravelly voice.

      oh God please no.... id rather have one of the jonah brothers play him than Christian Douchbale. Worst part of the dark night movies is the way he plays batman.

      Karl Urban would make a better choice IMO though.

        You want to replace a proven amazing actor with a perpetually furrowed brow? This makes no sense to me.

        I reckon Tom Hardy would be awesome. He has the voice, the eyes, and brood-y presence, as well as the acting skills. It doesn't matter if he doesn't look exactly like him(because let's face it nobody does), as long as he can act the part then the make-up and FX people can do the rest.

        You might hate him but the world loves him and his name is now enough to make a movie massive.

        "Christian Douchebale"

        How clever of you.

      No to Bale, the mans a tool. IMHO Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood and Hitman) would be a good choice...

        Olyphant was Hitman?? Wasn't particularly interested in the Hitman series but might check out that adaptation now just out of curiosity. Massive Justified fan right here

          Tim was the actor in the movie Hitman and yes Justified is an outstanding show!

        Totally Timothy Olyphant! I absolutely thought he was the voice behind Adam Jensen until I looked him up...

          +1. I always pictured Timothy Olyphant for this.

      NO! Just because he has a shittier voice than Elias Toufexis who Voiced Adam Jensen doesn't mean he should play him. I'd much rather see Elias play Jensen, just so Adam Jensen sounds like Adam Jensen from the game.

    I'm not sure if there's an actor that can capture the character of Adam Jensen correctly... Definitly needs to be someone younger though, no old than 30ish.

    I'm not surprised by this. The game really felt like the perfect game to adapt into a film.

      This. I just got to play through it and thought it would make for a great movie.

    Square don't have a great track record with movies......

      Really? Only Spirits Within bombed. Besides FF7:AC, what other movies have they done?

    Just started playing this last weekend. Was thinking that it was one of the few video games that would make a great movie, the setting is perfect.

    So just pick a conversation option at random, and render the game in higher definition cinematic style all the way through..

    Would have rather have a new DE game =/

    Keanu Reeves as Jensen! Hell Yeah!

      lol id prefer to have a decent actor with an "emotional" range that expands beyond dazed and confused.

        Haha, the guy needs something to do now that Matrix is finished.

    I just started this game from my 'Pile O Shame'!

      You get to the first boss yet? It's like a giant kick in the balls.

        All bosses are just this o.o

        Zeke Sanders? Almost there. The game has given me a kick in the balls from the very start. Coming straight off finishing Skyrim (which was a cake-walk), this is a whole different level of difficulty I wasn't prepared for! "Okay, I actually need to think about this situation."

        I'm actually thinking of starting it again, because I dicked around at the start of Mission 1 and all the hostages ended up dead! Whoops.

        I'm approaching the game with a LETHAL mindset too.

          Zeke Sanders is not the boss to whom he refers. You'll figure it out.

          And the only reason people bitch about certain bosses is that you can't stealth them or talk them down, and some people want to be able to handle every single situation in the entire game the same way. If you are taking a lethald mindset, these bosses aren't going to be a problem for you (my own playthrough I played MOSTLY stealth/non-lethal, and it did make the first boss a little tricky due to lack of serious combat mods, but so what? It would be really cheap if Jensen could never be taken by surprise and forced to fight mano a mano).

            There are lots of really cheap ways to beat the bosses though, I played through on the hardest setting and none of the fights really lasted more than 10 seconds.

            The first boss you just throw the barrels in the room at him and he dies really fast, they are all very weak to grenades/mines.

            You chuck a mine at someone which explodes and stuns them then shoot them for 5 seconds and repeat 3 times. Easy way to kill all the bosses.

            (I am by no means amazing at games, I had to pass Uncharted on Easy.)

    I think the best choice would actually be Ed Quinn who played Nathan Stark on Eureka.
    Add the Jensen beard and he even looks the part, I think looks and physique wise he suits it perfectly and anyone that has seen eureka can agree he is a great actor.

    I think this could work out really good if the story and style is portrayed well in movie form.

    i think kristen holden-reid from lost girl could pull off jensen.

    Pfft I already saw this film it was called "Blade Runner"

    Aaaaannnd another great game is ruined.

    Was starting to think a lot of the design for the Total Recall remake looked suspiciously like DX:HR. And... I even get a gorram Total recall ad popping up on Giz now...

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