DICE GM: There Will Always Be A Market For Console And PC Games

There appears to be a lot of chatter about various different types of business models and the affect they'll have on the 'AAA' console/PC market. The main fear for some is that the mobile/smartphone market will rise up, crush big budget game development and wring the copper coins from its cold dead hands, but Karl Magnus Troedsson, the current GM at DICE, doesn't believe that to be the case.

"Yes, people are playing more on their mobile devices," he said, speaking to Edge, "but I don't see people playing on other SKUs as a problem for triple-A developers, it's actually the contrary. I think people engaging in any kind of gaming is good for all games, because it means that people will play more.

"I consider myself to be a hardcore, triple-A kind of player, and I definitely play more on my mobile devices now, but I don't play less on my other devices as a result. When I'm home, I want to play games with the absolute most hi-def, best audio, best visuals that I can get out of a gaming session. And that will come from dedicated hardware or a very high-end PC."

Troedsson made a familiar argument — that consumers will always want to engage with a higher end, bigger budget product from the comfort of their own home.

"There will always be a demand for games that require a lot of hardware to deliver a really hi-def experience," he claimed. "Whether that will be delivered by CPUs and memory sitting in your room, or somewhere else, I don't know. Probably both. But one thing is for sure, people will continue to want to play the best-looking games out there."

It's an interesting view, and one that has a lot of merit, but I wonder if it may be a little short sighted, given that games like Real Racing can already be played using a large screen, and controlled via the iPad. The gaming landscape will most likely transform dramatically over the next five years or so. Perhaps big budget, high end games will always be in demand, but I suspect we'll be engaging with them in a completely different way compared to what we've become accustomed to now.


DICE: Mobile gaming no threat to consoles [Edge]

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    I just don't see mobile and social taking over the industry, to the detriment of AAA releases. If there's less money put into AAA development, it'll either mean higher quality games, or more generic sequels. At the moment we're in the "generic sequels" stage but hopefully that will shift as people get sick of the same old licenses retreading old steps year in, year out.
    Other hardware will be integrated into the gaming experience, but there'll still be a place for controllers, keyboards, and mice.

    So long as "AAA" doesn't translate over to "COD-MW Clone" as we're seeing currently (I'm looking at you Ghost Recon: FS and Splintercell: BL), then yeah. There's still a damned bright future.

    I just can't see there every being games that come to my mobile devices that it'd get into and like as much as the ones I play on my PC.

    Mobile games are just time wasters for the most part. Cheap, light entertainment. I can't see myself ever deciding. Do I go play BF3 or angry birds?

    The mobile rise is purely, everyones got phones, and so everyones put games on them. Also people who aren't gamers are also putting games on them.

    Where is this meant to be damaging PC and console? If someone would rather play angry birds than your game. It's a problem with your game.

    Until android and IOS come out with official controllers that are easy to set up and work with most games I can't see them biting into console market share. On the other hand they definitely affect handhelds, haven't played my DS in a while now since it's too much trouble taking it with me to dentist/doctor/train type scenario when I know my phone will be able to keep me entertained long enough.

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