DLC-Loving Cats Forced Developers To Make In-App Purchases Less Receptive To Pawing

When designing a user interface, you want to make sure the layout is intuitive enough that people can do whatever they need with ease. When your user is a cat, though, there's such a thing as making things too easy.

The folks at Hiccup found this out the hard way with Games for Cats, the iPad game aimed at our furry feline friends. Like most games these days, the title came with an additional level for purchase. $0.99 for a new mouse level: nothing too outrageous.

The problem was that a lot of cats accidentally purchased the level without permission, which caused a lot of owners to think Hiccup tried to fool cats into buying it on purpose. "We got in a lot of trouble," remarked TJ Fuller, the artist for the title.

Since the developers didn't actually have nefarious plans, they implemented a highly advanced 'human-check' to fix the issue — the need to hold four fingers on touch points without moving them for a few seconds.

I know cats that can do things like open doors and flush toilets: how long before one figures out that the only thing between it and a new toy is standing on top of the iPad while holding still?

5 tips for making video games your cat wants to play [Gamasutra]


    My cat is responsible for the Sony hack

    My cat stays up all night playing Halo Reach online. I keep telling him that there are better shooters out these days, but he just says "Meow!" and keeps on playing. He's good with headshots and is usually MVP or second most valuable, but still I worry about him. It's not healthy to be playing these games all night and sleeping all day. And just who is paying for his Xbox Live Gold? Who is paying for the electric? Me, because my cat doesn't have a job and refuses to talk about even getting one, he just runs to his room and slams the door whenever I bring it up. Does anyone have any advice? I just don't know what to do with him. Sometimes I feel like I am hurting him by sheltering him so much, but when I see those street cats out there, all scratched up from fights, bad teeth, weird mannerisms; well I just like the fact that I can take care of him here. I don't know how well he would do if he were an outside cat, having to fend for himself.

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    Miaow mraow miaow. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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