Does The World Need Another PC Space Strategy Game? Yes, Yes, It Does


    Yes, it's called Homeworld 3.

    This looks pretty damn good. Especially the ship customization.

    I never really got that much into strategy games, but then a friend talked me into playing Sins and since then that has been my personal benchmark for comparing all large scale strategy games and this does seem interesting, but after rebellion it doesn't feel like I ma going to need anther for a while.

    No, no it does not.

      No more so than the world doesn't need another CoD BF or WoW clone

    As a guy with a Mac, a PS3 and a 360 I feel horribly left out of the Space Strategy genre. :(

      playing for you

    Seriously? Just go the extra step and get a PC, there's so much other stuff you're missing out on too!

      I thought most people owned a computer for their day to day life.

    Stardock pack on Steam Summer Sale. Grab Galactic Civilizations 2 and you're set with one of the better examples of 4X around.

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