Does This Random Celebrity Mii Look Like This Random Celebrity To You?

For some reason known only to Nintendo and some publicists, here is a QR code that will generate the official Mii of actress Denise Richards.

This is probably not a collection of data you were expecting to get today.

But now you've got it. If you have a Nintendo 3DS, you can load up a Mii-making app, snap the QR Code and... voila!

It looks....

...just like her?

Nintendo is promoting this Denise Richards Mii. Video gaming sure is weird, these days. Maybe it always was?

More celebrity Miis, courtesy of Nintendo, here.

Denise Richards photo: Jamie McCarty/Getty Images


    If someone can help me fly my 3ds Mii-making app I'll do this... but I'm gunna need a crazy pilot.

    I don't think the QR code will work for us because they region lock them for some reason.

      What?? -__-

    Jesus christ that is a scary picture of her. Time hasn't been kind, hey?

    A time when a US article is most definitely not applicable to Australians. The QR codes will not work.

    It looks more like brooke shields to me.

    They need to make the Mii's mouth way bigger

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