Don’t Expect Final Fantasy X HD Any Time Soon

Don’t Expect Final Fantasy X HD Any Time Soon

The ending of role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII-2 was a little unsatisfying. And by “a little unsatisfying”, I mean it made me want to throw a keyblade at my television.

Then there was DLC. And by all reports it was just as unsatisfying. Bummer.

So will a Final Fantasy XIII-3 come along to tie up all those loose ends? Speaking in an interview with Famitsu (as translated by Andriasang), director Motomu Toriyama sure hinted as much.

“The [FFXIII-2] Lightning download content had an ending that left a feeling mystery and hope,” he said. “The day when the meaning of this will come to light is not too far off.”

Final Fantasy X HD, on the other hand, might be pretty far off. We’ve heard nothing about the upcoming remake for PlayStation 3 and Vita since its announcement last September at the Tokyo Game Show

“Regarding HD conversions, there is a lot to look into, so please wait a bit more,” he said.

Toriyama Hints at More Final Fantasy XIII [Andriasang]


  • This is wonderful news. Now there is a sequel to a sequel that nobody wanted with DLC that people bought and didn’t enjoy. Yet, people wonder why they are making another.

    A big conglaturations to everyone that supported Square Enix with buying that piece-of-crap that they called a sequel.

      • I bought XIII-2, apologies to everyone. Played it for about 8 hours then never touched it again.

        RIP Square, 1983 – 2003

        • I bought XIII-2 and really enjoyed it. I bought some of the DLC and have enjoyed that too! I’ve played about 60 hrs and feel that I’ve gotten good value for money. I got a bit more time left with the game (want to max out Noel and Serah, and see all the paradox endings.

          I don’t think I’m alone in enjoying this game. I think SE must have made good money out of it too hence why they are making a sequel.

    • Getting a sequel to possibly the worst Final Fantasy game is OK? Garbage. They cancelled Versus and they WILL cancel FFX HD, and now another sequel to the lamest character in the nation is suddenly, the most important thing in the world right now? I can bet this game will be placed in limbo along with all the other Square games out there. Square/Enix should just close down and never come back. What a sad excuse for a company.

      • I think FF 13-3 will be a good game I particularly liked 13 and 13-2 they were good games with awesome cut scenes and story , I don’t think people realise who haven’t finished 13 how good it is because I just don’t see why people don’t like it, I’ve played every Final Fantasy game they are all the same in their own way and 13 is no different. On another note I am also really looking forward to X HD But I prefer them to finish FF 13 VERSUS than FF X HD ! , FFX hads its turn and was successful I want to play Versus 🙂

    • So you rather experience Vanille’s high pitched, nails in a chalkboard voice in full HD, with her yelling “FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG” over and over and over again? Have at it. Her voice sounds like a broken record. Enjoy.

  • If Vesus XIII doesn’t make it out by the time XIII-3 comes out, I’m going to consider violence (not actually going to consider violence, but seriously…f**k)

  • No. You’re wrong. This news is fake. It’s not supposed to happen. It’s a paradox in the space time continuum. Throw shiny rocks at gates, make it go away.

  • No. You’re wrong. This news is fake. It’s not supposed to happen. It’s a paradox in the space time continuum. Throw shiny rocks at gates, make it go away.

  • I…enjoyed XIII-2, the ending not so much. FFX is still my favourite though, so the delay is sad news to me 🙁

  • No worries mate, in the blackest day of SE, SE will never die, because they can launch FF7HD and all financial problem solved …….

  • as long as they are taking longer in order to do it properly instead of lazy port. Maybe it will turn out to be a proper remake instead of just a port. Now that would be amazing. Maybe they will even fix that god awful soul destroying Chocobo racing / balloon getting/bird dodging game

    • also in other news, FFXIII-3. Do. Not. Want.
      XIII & XIII2 left a bad enough taste in my mouth. You know the old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, 3 times? I may as well just give them my wallet and go live in a ditch somewhere

  • Square has to be a prime example of just how fragmented the market is. Everyone and their mother keeps asking them to make Final Fantasy VIII – for ANY platform – and they keep saying no, no, no. Arguably their most mainstream-popular game, and they simply refuse to give the fans what they want. Yet, they keep churning out garbage like Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the DLC, and people keep buying it. I have no clue why – maybe in the hopes that if we keep throwing money at them, at some point they will wise up and give us what we’re asking for. I for one will no longer purchase a Square-Enix product that does not have the word “tactics” in the title somewhere.

    • I’ve been with final fantasy since its inception and I have officially hung up my fanboy had. I have lost all faith in the company since Enix became part of the picture. The quality of the titles square puts their name on now is depressing. Wanna know why final fantasy sucks now? Enix. Wanna know why you haven’t gotten a Kingdom Hearts 3? Enix. Face it, they’re just another large EA-esque title churner now, only caring about profits and not what fans want…

  • I started with square games at FFVII (as many people did) and have played every one since then (and some of the older ones). I’m not silly enough to say that all change is bad. I still quite enjoyed XIII and most of XIII-2 but leaving then ending off and saying “buy it in DLC!” is BS and square finally lost my paying support.

  • I think it will be a 2013 release but would love to see it for Christmas as I don’t want cod on my vita I want high quality RPG’s! And rpg’s have been made simple in the past decade so “everybody can play”
    I don’t want perks I want skills and levels back!!!

  • DAMMIT.. Oh well just means they will take more time to think of ways FFX HD can be and look even better. If they rushed though they’re dev they wouldn’t be the polished samurai sword sharp games final fantasy’s always are. For me this “revamp” is a dream come true. I wouldn’t be playing any video games if it wasn’t for FFX.

  • I’m so tired of square enix and ask their crap. Hate how they do a japanese release then an american with a couple extras then do another japanese fully loaded making us miss out on the best versions. Its a money racket for them and purposely denies all gamers the best. Then making the official ending dlc so you have to buy it is horse manure. Addend don’t get me started on waiting for ffx , kingdom hearts, ff7, or if nothing else just a good fresh ff. And I’m also tired of then spinning off games onto hand held just to steal more of my wallet. I hope they burn and sell off their ip’s to developers that will actually take care if them. When that happens gamers and makers will both profit!

  • I think after the amazing games that deserve to be called Final Fantasy (I know people will argue but I only mean upto 10) people are still just hoping that they will realise we just want them to go back to how they were and the next one will be awesome again. then it isn’t. next one!? nope. I for one still trust them way too much and always buy a Final Fantasy when it comes out. (this explains why I bought XIII-2… and ALL the dlc >.< ) Although I have to say I much preferred XIII-2 to XIII… but that aint saying much eh? They obviously love fleecing us for money why not re-release bloody FF7, done up to ps4 graphics, with a limited edition ps4!? I would sell my arm for that.

  • on FFXHD though, I really hope they hurry up, when they teased at the hd version I was just thinking of playing through X again then thought nahhh i’ll wait. I’m SICK of waiting 🙁
    (although that’s nothing compared to how much I want just a TINY bit of information on Versus!? pleeeeease?)

  • I have just sent a polite emal asking them to please create what the fans are asking for. I think if every one did the same they might listen. Game companys get a lot of their market research from reps that visit retailers and in my experiance they get told pretty much what they want to hear rather than the truth.

  • So.. I’m guessing you guys just like making complete asshats out of yourselves, shouting uneducated, ill-advised nonsense? FFVII is *not* the only FF game, nor was it the first, or quite frankly “best”. You’re fueled by nostalgia alone, a fresh coat of paint will not make you feel better at all. It won’t be *exactly* how the PSX game was. There’s obviously going to be changes made.

    And regarding FFXIII/FFXIII-2 and the supposed claims of Squeenix being low on money? Where’s your proof? Any evidence? Any actual facts to back up your “claims”? *You* don’t like the FFXIII universe. *You*. Deal with it. Others actually do. Mainly because they made the effort to investigate further and learn more about the lore in the universe, the actual process of making the game and its story, the original ideas. Most people who just played FFXIII with no real care even bothered to realize that Fang and Vanille were THE main characters. Not Lightning, not Snow. Not Hope. Fang and Vanille. And it certainly wasn’t entirely one long corridor either. Yes, it was a narrow linear path to the next objective and such (even I found it tiresome after a while), but the *story* actually had a lot of effort put into it. Granted, they’re milking Lightning as a “popular character” way too much, especially when she’s merely filler and never really had any evolution as a character. Hope did. Sazh did. Vanille did.

    And all this “Creating what the fans are asking for” business? Which fans? You? Who said they were catering to you alone? Who even said you’re the be all and end all of fans? Who made you king? No one. Not a single person. Well, you did yourself, but you’re nothing special. The Final Fantasy series is *that* diverse, no one is *forcing* you to like every single game in the series. Seriously! No one! You can absolutely not like a game and play one of the many others you DO like. No one is stopping you. So who the hell are *you* to tell others what they should or shouldn’t play? Huh? Well?

    Actually, don’t bother. Because I don’t give a shit what you think. 😉

    • Well, you’re right. The company doesn’t cater to just one fan, and it shouldn’t. It caters to the majority of fans. You’re enraged over individual wants. You simply read one comment after the other and think, “this ONE person wants this.” However, if you put them all together, there is a MUCH larger base of people who want FFX or Versus over FFXIII. No one fan is king, but the majority is. You’re standing 1000 to 1. The onle real reson they’re making another XIII is because fans threw the money into XIII & XIII-2, not because it got good reviews, because it didn’t. The majority of people and fans have clearly stated it was a horrible game compared to others; however, companies have stopped looking into reviews over the years. In this market, if people bought it, it must’ve been a good game and they MUST want another. If they did actually look into reviews, don’t you think it would be obvious that they would stop? Because you can’t deny the fact that more people were disappointed in XIII & XIII-2 than approved, and by your own knowledge the company will not cater to the minority. I do believe when Lightning’s Return hit shelves though that the company will see a huge dip in sales because I don’t believe a large number of people will invest in it, just that small minority.

  • Yeah, get people excited about a game and leave them wondering. Where have we heard this before? >.>
    And no, before you bother commenting, I’m not one of the annoying versus 13 fans that never shut up about it.

  • Square enix should just release what they announce instead of telling us wonderful things about a game and then evade questions by giving us those very generic PR responses. They can mess us around with versus 13, because lets be honest they have been doing that for the past couple of years now,but don’t mess us around with an amazing game like FF10

  • I didn’t quite enjoy FFXIII and FFXIII2 as much as FFX, but I haven’t lost faith 😀 I think they’ll come up with an awesome new game again.
    Waiting for FFX HD is a pain 🙁 <

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