Don't Like Grimlock? Here Are All The Transformers Hasbro Brought To San Diego

So maybe Fall of Cybertron Grimlock isn't your cup of tea. I can understand that. Some people just don't understand that a killer robot that turns into a t-rex is the coolest it gets without throwing in a unicorn. For that special breed I present the rest of the Transformers toys Hasbro was showing off at Comic-Con 2012.

It's a great time to be a Transformers collector. We'vegot the Transformers Prime line kicking into high gear, delivering a pleasing mix of old-school design with a modern aesthetic. Then we've got the Fall of Cybertron line, featuring toys based on the primitive Cybertronian designs seen in High Moon Studios' upcoming console and PC title, including a brand-new combiner figure set and, of course, a certain big shiny lizard.

Let's take a look at what Hasbro has in stores for us through 2013.


    Don't forget the mini G1 Kre-o devastator

    Dreadwing for me will always be the combined form of Darkwing and Dreadwind... oh the excesses of the powermaster age- how I yearn for you again!

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