Dyad: The Kotaku Review

To say that Shawn McGrath's Dyad is intense is an understatement. The game may technically count as a mind-altering drug, and believe me, that's a good thing.

In my video review, above, I break down not only the experience of playing Dyad but also where it's roots lay and why it goes above and beyond them.

Try not to turn into a Star Child watching it.


Developer: Shawn McGrath Platforms: PS3 Released: July 17, 2012

Type of game: psychedelic puzzle-racer What I played: the entire game, plus 5 hours trying to beat my own scores.

I Loved

  • The intense, meditative mental state that the game put me in.
  • The beautiful, shifting colours.

I Hated

  • The dry eyes I got from not blinking for so long.

Made-to-Order Back-of-Box Quotes

  • "Dyad may technically constitute a Schedule I psychotropic substance. Consult local law enforcement before taking Dyad." — Chris Person, Kotaku
  • "Dyad is F-Zero, Tempest, Rez and Polybius shoved into a blender set to Arthur C. Clarke." — Chris Person, Kotaku


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