E3 Stays In Los Angeles Through 2015, Dammit

E3 Stays In Los Angeles Through 2015, Dammit

After filling the heads of game journalists everywhere with dreams of an Electronic Entertainment Expo taking place somewhere else for a change, the Entertainment Software Association crushes our hopes and dreams for three more years.

Having teased E3-centric news on Friday, I spent the better part of the weekend dreaming up where next year’s E3 might take place. Maybe it would return to Atlanta, and I could commute from my home. Maybe they’d take on Vegas, where the prime rib flows like water and tastes…like water. It’s not very good prime rib, but that’s not the point.

Maybe they’d hold it on the moon!

But alas.

“We are proud to partner with Los Angeles for another three years. The City serves as a strong backdrop for the video game industry’s biggest announcements and we look forward to remaining in LA,” said Michael D. Gallagher, CEO of the ESA via official announcement. “Video games are a dominant force in the global entertainment marketplace and there is no better place to display that than Los Angeles. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the City and AEG.”



  • Who is this article for? It’s not for the general public who aren’t even invited, and it’s not for Australians even though it’s the .com.au site. So the only people who’d care would be game journalists, who’d already know from other sources.


  • Because journo’s aren’t the only ones who go to E3?

    “The City serves as a strong backdrop for the video game industry’s biggest announcements”

    I think given the last couple of years that claim is something of a stretch…

  • I’m certainly interested in this news. E3 has been a staple of my
    annual calendar for years, and even though the last one was a bit
    of a fizzle, it’s certainly newsworthy to me that it’s staying in

  • I go to E3 , am not a journo and I read Kotaku. Guess thats one
    reason why it might have been posted.

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