EA In The Midst Of Pretty Big iOS Sale

Dear, dear, it seems that all I'm doing these days is writing about my lack of sleep or game sales. But it is July 4 in the US tomorrow, which usually means everyone is trying to get consumer attention. The latest massive sale is from EA, who are taking 90 per cent off a number of its mobile titles.

A lot of the games are actually free, and some decent ones as well, like Theme Park and the new Flight Control. Spy Mouse, Firemint's latest game is also free. Some great deals to be had.

OK. This is the last sale post I'm going to write. For today at least!

For more info head here. We've also rounded them up in today's app deals.


    Theme park is always free btw. One of many EA free to play titles

    Batman Arkham City is .99c too, and it's freaking awesome. It's usually $7.

    Was really hoping the Square Enix games would go on sale :( Want to pickup FF1 & FF2

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