EA Price Correction For Battlefield Premium On PlayStation 3

Australian PlayStation 3 owners looking to invest in EA's new Battlefield Premium service may have noticed a pretty hefty price discrepancy. PS3 owners in the US were being charged $US50, while Australians were being asked for $80 on consoles, despite the fact PC users in Australia were paying the same as those in the US. Now it looks as though EA is planning a price reduction.

It's been a long process. EA initially advertised Battlefield Premium at the price of $49.99, as seen in the above image. Potential consumers were understandably upset to find themselves asked for $80 when trying to purchase the service on the PlayStation Store.

Shortly after the complaints, EA changed its local advertising to reflect the fact that the $49.99 fee was 'Origin Only', meaning that console owners would have to pay the extra dollars for the service.

The problem lay not just with EA but with local pricing on the PlayStation Store, which is negotiated between EA and Sony. After the initial uproar and the petition it appears as though both EA and Sony have agreed to some form of price correction, reducing the price from the initial $80 to just under $65. Still $15 short of the initially advertised price and $15 short of what's being paid by PC users and console gamers overseas — but still cheaper than the radically marked-up price.

Sony is also offering to refund the difference to anyone who paid the initial $80.

Overall I'd say this is a positive move. It shows that publishers are listening to the problems with local pricing, and while it's hardly an ideal solution — Aussies are still paying $15 more — it's a step in the right direction.


    Now all we need is Blizzard/Activision/Bethesda to take note and adjust their damn prices too.

    digital regional pricing has always been a scam.

    So how do those of us who paid $80 go about getting our refund? Or will it be done automatically?

      The difference should be refunded automatically, best to check your pan wallet as I don't think any notification is made to say its been refunded

        Psn*** damn fat fingers on tiny touchscreen keyboard

          Ill have to go check

      now just complain to the ACCC for the other 15 as the advertised 49.99 but charged you 80 and only refunded to 65

    I bought it on Xbox live for 4000 MS points witch equates to 60 dollars. so it seems they are not doing it to be kinder to gamers but for practical business reasons, Sony needs to compete with Microsoft. The only way we will get fair pricing is if we stop buying DLC at inflated prices, but that is not going to happen we just keep bending over and take it and come back and ask for more, me included

    They actually dropped the price a good while ago, and frankly 65 bucks is a fair price considering the the separate DLC packs cost 23 bucks on the PS Store compared to the 15 bucks they cost on Origin.

    Which then brings up the issue of why they cost more on the PS3, but hey, it just means Premium is a better deal on PS3 than it is on PC.

      I suspect it's because EA owns Origin which means they get to keep all the revenue. Sony/MS take a cut of everything on PSN/XBL, while on Origin EA don't have to give anybody else a cut, so they can charge less.

      That line of reasoning sounds fine if they apply it across the board. But do they have the same difference in pricing between platforms in the US market? As far as I know, Microsoft and Sony take the same percentage cut of sales in the US as they do in Australia.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    f**k EA & DICE, fix my BF3 controller issue

    Just for comparisons sake;
    Ps3 premium US-$50
    Ps3 premium AUS original- $80
    Pc premium AUS-$50
    Pc premium AUS (purchased at EB games)-$60

    Now looking at how well the AUD is doing, $30 markup is ridiculous, and for a digital format there is no reason why it should be that much extra. The $15 reduction is mostly due to a thread created in battlelog forums outlining what was advertised and what was delivered and a collective of people who was pissed off by the pricing. Recently I also noticed EB selling codes for premium for Pc only for $60, which is $5 less then the psn store or $20 less then the original price. Whilst the reduction is preferred it's merely a compromise.

    I disagree Mark, it's not a step in the right direction. Admitting that you're shafting australian ps3 users, and then only shafting them by half as much is still a painful process for those being shafted.

      Fucking A to this ... being screwed by slightly less is still being screwed!!! I was one of many voices on the Battlelog and kudos to all involved as it was some small win. That being said, they have lost my business over this this and I won't be paying for premium until it is $50, which of course means the game will be dead by that stage. EA/Dice/Sony can go fuck themselves until there is some price equality. Bring on Dust!

      I don't think either of you two understand what a "step in the right direction" is.

        There shouldn't be 'steps'. One step - equality.

    Called it all along that this is Sony Europe's fault.

    Not good enough EA. What a Bunch of Pigs I'm sure they could treat people equally and still make outrageous profit.

    The fight ain't over as have you seen the price of the individual DLC's!!! $15USD vs $24AUD for Close Quarters. The idea is to make the Premium look good so 4x24 is $96 which makes the ORIGINAL rip-off price of $80 look good. Good to see they leant their lesson and dropped the price of DLC to match.!!! LOL

    They don't want to fucking learn and just hope the mindless sheep that are Aus consumers pony up the cash and get screwed again. Honestly I will be rethinking my decision on a PS4 based on this, and I already know my new shiny TV ain't going to be a Sony.

    I love how EA does this, just hurts their credibility more. If they want people to actually start liking them they're doing a poor job of it.

    I call this the 'console peasant tax'

    no different to the stunt over them advertising battlefield 1943 for free with the purchase of battlefield 3 on ps3; they only made good on their promise after threatened with class action

    Not starting a fab boy war or anything, but you will continue to be ripped off owning a console. You guys will always pay more for your games than PC gamers do for boxed games, Digitally downloaded games on console will always cost more for the convenience. On PC, digitally buying your games is cheaper than buying a boxed version. Plus paying a yearly subscription to microsoft to just have the right to play online is like day time robbery ...

    A step in the right direction for sure but still not good enough. There is no reason for it to be any more than the American price. It's digital distribution for pete's sake.

    I'm on 360, bought the damn service for the full 80 bucks...where's my crappy 15 dollar refund?

    Let's not forget the debacle where EA told every BF3 gamer on the PS3 to go fuck themselves when they turned off the servers for the AU/NZ region, and the previously mentioned 1943 cock-up. I honestly never thought I was going boycott the DLC for BF3, even after every shitty thing EA has done, yet, it grows clearer everyday that every apology they make is bullshit, every press release is an underhanded and twisted mockery of the truth, and that ultimately they don't care and won't change. They can pump out blog posts and twitter posts chronicling their valiant efforts for their valued customers, but that's all it ever is, posts on a wall. Not a damned thing being actually done about it. EA couldn't give 1/5 of a shit about you and won't ever until they see themselves losing money. EA are verging on the edge of Bond-villain douchbaggery, as everything they release just proves how much more than can get away with. I wouldn't be surprised if when opening BF4 men will step out from the shadows an drag you off EA's salt mines in outer Turkmenistan.

    since I got it at my PC from mmoga, I guess I wont get it for the ps3, but I guess most of the fans already fell for that trick...
    That shouldn't be done by publisher or creater whatever...

    It'd be nice if they did the same with with Mass Effect 3! In the US the price of the online multiplayer content packs is much higher.

    For instance for a Premium Spectre Pack it costs $2.99 USD in the US whilst in Australia this is $4.95 AUD, for the exact same piece of digital content!

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