EA's Best Game Of The 1990s Also Had The Worst Acting

People bug EA all the time to bring back vintage old series like Wing Commander, Road Rash and Jungle Strike. All great games, and all worthy of t least a token attempt at modernisation.

But there's one game that, for whatever reason, is always left out. Forgotten. And that's EA's Crusader series.

The first game was released in 1995, and had, for the time, amazing visuals, with 3D characters imposed on a lovingly-detailed static background. The action was tight, and both Crusader: No Remorse and its sequel, Crusader: No Regret (released in 1996) were hailed by critics.

Maybe it was the isometric viewpoint, which was soon to be made outdated with the advent of true 3D visuals, that caused the series to be forgotten.

Or...maybe it was the "quality" of the full-motion video cutscenes, some of which you can see above.



    Enjoy Luke :)

    ahh you forgot to mention the HORRIBLE time people had getting Origin games to work due to the stupid practice of coding for EMS.... great games though

      Horrible? It was a CHALLENGE!!!! Loadhigh! LOADHIGH!

    *sigh* such great games and a rockin' theme song too

    I can imagine the remake now... A gears of war clone called "Crusader: No Returns"

      And the sequel:

      Crusader : No Refunds!

    Why am i watching this with such intent on a saturday night at 10pm? Fucking drugs man.

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