Enjoy A Whole Hour's Footage Of Star Wars: Battlefront III

There's a guy out there with a rough, obviously very unfinished copy of Star Wars: Battlefront III. We've seen a few snippets and shots from him before, but this, this is something else.

PTOP has uploaded an entire hour's worth of gameplay footage from the cancelled project that serves little purpose other than to upset long-suffering fans of the franchise.

To catch up on the sad history of an oft-neglected franchise, start here and follow the links backwards. Note, for example, that this was the first attempt at making a third Battlefront game. It's since apparently been handed off to first Slant Six Games and now Spark Unlimited.

Star Wars Battlefront III | 1000 Subscriber Special (1 Hour of Footage) [PTOP]


    Why do you feel the need to tease me?! D:

      Exactly, the wounds are still fresh...

        Oh god, why don't they just bloody make this already?!?

          because lucas want us to suffer for not liking phantom menace

    Spark unlimited are working on lost planet 3

    Still better than Superman 64

    cancel making your 1313 lucas and give me STBF 3 already !

    Lucas Arts has gone to crap. They havent made a good game in years. Even the force unleashed was a broken unbalanced game. 1313 will be another crap game cause Lucas Arts has a tendency to push, bully and send the Development Teams in Circle.

      and then fire everyone 2 weeks +/- the release of the game

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