Every Cover Ever Made For The Best Games Magazine Around

Call them snooty if you must, but I think Edge magazine has consistently been the most mature, well-written and well-respected video game magazine on the planet for nearly 20 years.

While competitors have come and gone either pandering to the lowest common denominator or selling their pages as glorified advertising space, Edge has always been about smart features, brutal reviews and, most important of all, treating their readers as intelligent adults.

So it's awesome to see the magazine's online presence post this feature hosting the cover to every issue ever made. Why? Because if you've ever read it, one of the other things about the mag that grabs you is its design, which has usually featured clean, bold covers, a pleasant change from the usual "death by 1000 headlines" most other magazines (the current Game Informer excepted) suffer from.

I still remember the day when, as a teenager, I walked into a newsagent and saw that first issue sitting there, sticking out like a sore thumb amongst all the other horrid mid-90s magazines. I bought it as soon as I saw it. It was like something from the future, and while other outlets have since caught up in terms of tone and coverage, they still don't do it better.

You can check out the gallery below.

Every Edge magazine cover, ever [Edge]


    "most mature..." sees the issue in the bottom right corner with just a bikini on focus. lol

      That particular issue looked at the Gender gap in videogaming - both player and the industry, as well as at how females are portrayed in games. Good issue.

        ,,,so they show vag off to promote how we SHOULDN'T do that?


    I enjoy their articles as well. They get some really great interviews with people who were integral to the success of games or trends who aren't usually high-noted.

    You americans don't know what an good game magazine is :P Here we live in the gamer paradise of Hyper>> and PC Powerplay. So, why don't ya'll, take that mag, and shove it up your ass!

      Agreed they are two of the best (and most mature well written) games mags. They share the one editor too which explains the consistency.

    Hyper>> is the greatest.

    HYPER>> FTW!

    I still have #2! They were so on the ball, they covered the R18 issue THEN! (1993!)

    Their articles are clever, mature and I actually thought their reviews were pretty precise.

    Edge is probably the only games magazine you can read without feeling like it's for kids/teenagers.

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