Everybody Loves Dressing As Bridget. Everybody.

Fighting game fans know that girlish good looks and feminine moniker aside, Bridget is a dude. He's not only one of Guilty Gear's most memorable characters — that nun outfit, that yo-yo, that huge handcuff — but also one of gaming's. No wonder why people want to dress up as him. But who does it best?

Born as a twin, Bridget was given a female name, because where he grew up, it was bad luck to have two twins of the same sex. Thus, Bridget was raised as a girl. When he grew up, he decided to show his masculinity by becoming a bounty hunter. With a yo-yo. And a teddy bear.

In the above gallery, a smattering of cosplayers trots out their best Bridgets. On Who Wore It Best?, Kotaku takes a look at a variety of folks attempting to bring a popular character to life, blue nun head gear and all.






















    I think Admiral Ackbar would have a heart attack if he saw this article.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    My vote goes to number 6! :D

    I'd go gay for Bridget...

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