Far Cry 3's Crazy Villain Rants About Dubstep

Warning: NSFW content. Even the characters inside of video games are sick of the wub-wub. Listen to Vaas — the insane pirate at the centre of open-world first-person shooter Far Cry 3 — whinge about the bass-heavy tracks that pop up in damn near every big-budget video game trailer.

Yes, he's naked some of the time, but don't let his total nudity distract you from the truth of his words.

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    LMAO yeah it really is that bad. Stupid sounds..

    You know what, I don't even like dubstep, but I am a drum and bass DJ. How the fuck can they profess a hatred for dubstep, but use one of Noisia's tunes in there at the same time? This downright disrespectful, and if it was done about "Rock" or "Heavy Metal" people would be outraged, but no, a genre is new, therefore it and its fans deserve no respect?

    I hate the internet.

      They doing it because it's funny.It's what's called a...parody.


      That's the joke.

      People getting upset over trivial things on the internet always makes me laugh.

      man, stop taking yourself so seriously. disconnect if you dont like a laugh.

      It's obviously not an official trailer dude, Ubi didn't make it.

    I don;t know why people would get offended by this. Theres a lot of hate for all music on the net. People hate Jazz, Heavy Metal, Viking Metal and some say Rock is too tame.
    anyone remember the New Jack Swing fad in the 90's? What a load of shit that was (though MJ sorta made half decent use of it).

    I think this is funny.The script sounds pretty good for this game.

    I like most electronic genres of music and I found this funny.

    I too am a DJ (not sure how this is relevant) however I've got a sense of humour.

    A lot of music, whether it is electronic, rock, pop or classical has repetition and it would be difficult to have the trailer without giving the example.

    Plus, I'm fairly sure Noisia can see the humour in the trailer, otherwise they would not have given permission for their work to be represented.

    link broken? any relinks?

      Here's another link for you:


    Ubisoft has just banned it, a shame really i thought it was awesome :)

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