Feast Your Eyes On Ouya’s Controller

Feast Your Eyes On Ouya’s Controller

With over $US5 million raised so far, Ouya has made waves as a crowdfunding mega-success. But, when it comes to hardware, there’s been precious little to help visualise what have people been throwing their money at. Not any more.

Today, the project’s Kickstarter page revealed new looks at designs for the console and controller that thousands of backers are helping to turn into reality. The controller’s layout is similar to an Xbox 360’s, with offset analogue sticks. The face buttons have coloured circles on them, but the post notes that this may change.

Ouya’s also announced that OnLive will be available on the device, meaning that the cloud gaming service’s library of AAA and indie games will playable.


    • i don’t know, if OnLine was actually avaliable outside of the USA I’d use it. I’m sick of the upgrade cycle on my PC.

      That said why would i buy the Ouya when i’m sure OnLive could easily run on a PS3 or successor device? I’m sure with Sony’s purchase of Gaikai that they intend to launch the service on their console. Maybe for the ROMS but then again my 3 year old PC can play any rom that is thrown at it.

      does the world really need another a platform?

  • I doubt this is the final design. They said they were working to get different icons on the buttons for the colour blind, but they’re still all circles. =/

  • Very interesting. the high end solution solved by Onlive… very very interesting!
    Good luck Ouya, I’ll be picking up one with an extra controller or two. (how many can it handle?)

  • Sticking to the tried and tested method is great, but I hope they consider the legal issues before finalising the design – trade mark, registered design, and passing off issues are just as important as the functional aspects to make this a success.

    It would suck if Sony or Microsoft had an excuse to squash this new competitor because the controller looked similar or used something like ‘triangle, circle, cross, square’.

    • Nothing illegal about having a product that looks very similar to another companies product, its there logo that cannot be copied. That why you now see so many designer brands like Gucci integrate there logo into there design, so that their competition cannot copy.

      • yet apple and Samsung still continue to sue each other based on exactly that.. I think you may be wrong

  • NO! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the d-pad and make it cross-shaped. Circular d-pads are an abomination that shouldn’t even exist.

      • That’s a load of bullshit! I just can’t play any game at all on a circular d-pad, it feels so horrible and inaccurate for 2D platformers/fighters. So what about Sony’s d-pad then, I guess that design is patented too…

        • Yes, that’s why the Playstation controller has the diagonal ‘cuts’ in the centre of the d-pad to get around the Nintendo patent. Maybe you can come up with your own d-pad design that is close, but not an exact replica of the Nintendo? Like instead of a cross, the horizontal is slightly lengthier than the vertical, or instead of rectangular it could two ovals overlapping or something. Or buy out the Nintendo patent…

    • Unfortunately, only if you have one of the other consoles, or want to buy the plain contrroller – which immediately destroys the pricepoint

      • Well, obviously only if you have a ps3/xbox controller… which does cost money, so technically you are correct, so thumbs up there i guess

  • I have large, gropey hands – and that looks incredibly painful to hold. Did they give any thought at all to some basic ergonomics?

  • ” $US5 million” … “mega success”. It’s a bit early to call. Kickstarter is investment based on hype, which leads to bubbles. It’s cool, I kicked in, but I surely hope everyone who put into the Kickstarter gets what they were promised, it’s a big ask. It’s based on ‘who wants this to be a success’ it’s not based on ‘will this succeed, is this business model sound’ which can lead to a lot of disappointment when people don’t get what they are promised.

  • Just make it so I can use my Xbox 360 controller, I don’t want to use your uncomfortable looking knock off.

    • If the Ouya has an USB port, someone will probably whip up a driver so that you will be able to use the wired 360 controller, or use the wireless controller with the usb receiver. Someone will probably whip up a driver for the Kinect as well.

  • Why even have a D-Pad? Just have 4 buttons. You won’t infringe on patents and they can do things like press 3 or 4 at a time instead of only 2. AND it could be made completely symmetrical for lefties. I personally think that would be much better, and also what games even use a D-Pad to move anymore? I can’t think of any, you just use the analog stick. Also, if they want a D-Pad why not a circle without a center? And then the up, down, left, and right sides could be separated into buttons.

    • Dude, sweet idea with the 4 buttons on the left… You get the same functionality as a d-pad plus more. They should swap the analog stick on the left for 4 buttons and the circle d-pad for an analog stick.

      Also, I agree with the comments that this looks uncomfortable to hold.

  • The lack of hardware prototypes and planning of this controller worries me a great deal. They copied the xbox controller with a render that would take 30 minutes to mock up. However the long angled handles will affect ergonomics greatly. You won’t even be able to use the thumbsticks comfortably as they’ll be at an odd angle rather than having your thumb in a natural vertical alignment. For shame the real controller had better be far better than this P.O.S.

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