FemShep And DudeShep Save The Galaxy With Mass Effect Cosplay

Did you play Mass Effect as Jane Shepard? Or John Shepard? Whichever Commander Shepard helmed the Normandy, there's no doubt the character has made her (or his) mark on gaming.

And when you do that, loads of fans end up cosplaying as you. But who pulled off the best Shepard?

Here on Who Wore it Best?, we look at variety of folks doing their damnedest to bring game characters to life.

Since there are two Shepards — FemShep and DudeShep — the version you played in Mass Effect could possibly inform your favourite. Maybe not! Have a look for yourself.
























    I think the 13 th one down is best, just my opinion

    There was a killer Femshep at Sydney Supanova recently. Bummed I didn't get a pic because she tore all these guys to pieces. She had damaged armour and wounds a bit like Shepard after being hit by Harby's beam.

      yeah that was a cosplayer by the name of Verity


      it was an awesome costume

    isn't male shepherd's nickname broshep?

    Some of those Sheps seem to ahve gone back in time lol

    ooh i see fatshep too

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