FIFA 13 Gives First Glimpse Of Arsenal's New Away Kit In Action

Last year, when Manchester City elected to reissue the red-and-black striped design it last wore in 1967, it revealed the new shirts through FIFA 12. Arsenal's new purple-and-black alternate kit likewise debuted today with some assistance from the EA Sports football title.

You may see for yourself in the video above. The upsell to preorder the shirt at the end suggests to me that the club and EA Sports had an arrangement similar to the one with City last year. At E3, Matt Bilbey, the vice president and general manager of football, said he expected to see new collaborations forming because of the success of the City partnership and visibility the club enjoys after winning its first English championship in nearly 45 years.


    No Van Persie?

    It's a bloody ugly kit. The keeper is decked out in pink

    Screw Arse 'n all. COYS!

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