Fighting Game Tournament Marriage Proposal Makes One Man Very Happy

A predominantly male audience hyped up for digital combat... it may seem the unlikeliest of places for a man to propose to his lady friend, but that's exactly what happened during this weekend's EVO festivities in Vegas.

You can see video of the aftermath above. Please, under no circumstances, read the chat log to the right, as it appears to be populated by the very worst people on the internet.

Congratulations, guys! Also, since it wasn't captured in the actual clip, below you'll find a GIF of the moment the ring is produced. And a man in a sombrero is just overcome with all the wonderfulness in the room.


    Pfft, this doesn't come close to Woolie kicking Daigos ass!

    and why did my first thought go to that marriage during a CoD respawn timer?

    3rd line down in the chatbox from the video;
    Fatshady cameo.

    Wish that sombrero guy was around when I proposed.....

    I'm surprised at how gleeful that guy in the front row is. This is the fighting game community, a more hostile, juvenile and unrepentant group of children you'll never meet.

    I didn't read the article at first, but instead skimmed down to the picture and boy did I get a chuckle.

    Sombrero fellow "Oh I will, I will..."
    Guy proposing "Errr wrong person bloke"

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