Final Fantasy Crosses The Bridge To Android

Released ages ago on iOS and just recently for Windows Phone 7, the original Final Fantasy (well, the PSP remake) is now available in the Google Play store for Android devices, prices to slowly plod along at $US6.99. [Thanks, Jason!]


    This is the aussie Kotaku... when ripping things off the US site you might want to check they are valis for Australia..

    I just looked on the Play store and searched for square enix and FF3 is there but no other.

    Is it so hard to check facts???

      U should check ur's - it is there.

      might want to try looking a little harder retard.

      Clicking a link is hard? If you're searching, scroll down a few since it's buried towards the bottom of first page.

      That said, not sure how I feel about a port from iOS, probably won't support the higher resolutions of most newer and higher end Android phones too well will it?

        Heh, seems from a few of the comments it confirmed my suspicion. Black bars on the side. Guess I'll wait.

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