Final Fantasy VII Is Coming To PC Again

Following a month or two of rumours, Square Enix has confirmed that it will re-release Final Fantasy VII for PC. With achievements. And cloud saves (not to be confused with Cloud saves). And... a character booster, which it seems will allow you to pay real money to boost your characters' stats.

Anyone else think adding achievements to a classic like Final Fantasy VII would be like adding new special effects to Star Wars? Oh... oh god.


    It'd be great if they would update the character models, put in higher textures and put in some effort. As it stands, there is no real reason to get this.

      I've never played FFVII and buying the PS1 game (if you can find it) is unrealistically pricey. I'd be happy to pay a reasonable price (say, $5-$8?) for a chance to play this on Steam, on my PC.

        In australia, retail prices are around $70-100

        Now when you think about how many hours you sink into those initial release games.

        Then think about how FEW hours you chuck into those $30 preowned games you pick up on a whim.

        Paying $50 for an eBay copy of one of the highest rated games of all time with up to 150 hours of gameplay per play through doesn't seem like that bad a deal to be honest.

    I don't see this as a release for those who were there with the original Playstation - it is a release for the new batch of gamers who may have never really experienced it first hand. The set that needs cheevos and boosters (no tolerance for grinding)

      They probably also need a HD version. Classic that it is, it looks like utter garbage now.

        Agreed, I tried playing 7 for the first time about 5-10 years ago, gave up pretty quickly because it had already aged far too much.

        Slap a new coat of paint on it, fix up some of those awful animations in that trailer, and maybe I'll see what everyone was talking about.

    So, they know people don't want to grind, that the ability to get rid of the grind is a convenience worth paying for, yet they leave it in the game, and put it into every JRPG they make.

      I like grinding in JRPGs. If people who don't want to pay for XP, I don't mind them having that option - once they don't remove the grind for me.

        Certainly, I'm not opposed to the option to grind being there.
        But if I'm to play a game, I'd rather they didn't artificially pad out the length of the game by making me kill 1000000 slugs.

        One of the reasons Chrono Cross was amazing. No grind needed.

    There is *some* effort going into this as squeenix is making it work for modern PC but unless they go back and remaster the 320*240 FMVs which looked bad in the original PC release it's going to look terrible now.

      You do realise that you can get a version of FF7 working on any current new pc version? There is even a massive fan made remastering you can apply to it (it is like a 2 gig patch). That was how I played it for a little on my windows 7 64-bit, Although I think that some vidoes were EH

    I don't get the whole stat booster thing? You can morph every source in the Sunken Gelnika, so why bother paying for stat boosters?

      This x a million.

    Excuse my French, but...

    Fuck off Square Enix... We don't want to pay for this with achievements and microtransaction stat boosting. When we can just emulate the game we all already own for free and hack in whatever we want.

      Some people like achievements. Adding them is not a bad thing

      Also, your entire issue is predicated on the assumption that everyone who wants to play this game already owns it, and is willing to emulate it. That may not be the case.

      Finally, while I agree having the ability to boost stats is not a thing they should be delivering as a paid service, I'd appreciate it if the option to remove grind was added to every JRPG.

    Guys guys i got this Im square enix we dont listen to the fans you want a HD remax well i will give you a pc version yehahhh we go now????


    A part of me feels digusted at having a game where you pay to increase your stats. I know this one in particular is harmless, it's single player afterall and heck knows how many people have played the game without this feature in the past with no trouble. It still feels wrong though. Probably won't stop me from getting it though, lost my old PC copy a while ago.

      The scariest thing is that they are probably testing the waters for having F2P style of gaming in single player games you have already paid for.

      For example in the new Tribes its free but you level very slowly, Imagine if they could charge you for the game and then charge you again to have a reasonable leveling speed!

      You'll hate blizzard games then.

    Well I know I am excited for this. Even if its not HD you can always do this...

    HAHA! TO anyone who hasn't played FF7 (which won't be many) that trailer is SOOOO misleading!
    I've finished the game 4 times, but I still can't wait to play this again. Fantastic story, characters, combat system, music, art. Once they went to fully 3D they lost a lot of their imagination.

    I've played it a million times, and if it turns up on Steam, I'll play it a million more.
    I do hope they tidy up the graphics, but with pre-rendered scenery I really doubt it'll happen any time soon.

    As long as they don't have shitty MIDI music this time round.

      For me, the MIDI music was charming. And that's not to say it wasn't well constructed, either.
      The FFVII soundtrack has really stood the test of time thus far!

    Cloud saves - I see what you did there :D

    I dunno. If the pre rendered cutscenes aren't 320*240 (Or whatever horrible washed out res the original movies were at) Then I'd be happy with another purchase. It's no ps3 remake, that's for sure though.

      Apparantly a PS3 remake would take as much time as making an entirely new game.

      I'm sure they could easily break even within the first month, but I guess they're focused on new games. Can't fault them for that at least.

    I'll pay for the excuse to re-play it.

    Honestly if you're so bad at the game that you need to buy stat increases, you don't deserve money anyway.

    That said, I'm surprised its even pay-to-win anyway. If it was a non-paid for feature to help people experience the story without having to worry about the gameplay too much I could understand, but with a pay feature it just seems to be a really unusual way to squeeze some money out of the game.

    Can someone show me where Paying for stat boosting is even mentioned? It's not on the website.


    Huh. I played every FF game religiously starting from 1.

    But this was the first one I couldn't get into, many years ago.

    I lost something in the 3D transition for me.

    Maybe I'll give it another spin sometime, certainly heard my friends talk it up many times.

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