Fine, I'll Buy Your Damn Transformers Prime Game

But only because Arcee looks halfway decent in the screens for the game, coming to 3DS, DS and Wii this October. I know I gave you guys shit earlier, but you have found my weakness.

I'm in the middle of reading through IDW's excellent run of Transformers comic books, which might account for my soft spot for Arcee, there a tortured, conflicted robotic being that was a test subject in granting mechanical life gender.

In the Transformers Prime Hub cartoon she's a little tortured as well, having lost two partners (at least) in her Autobot career, which leads her to form a motherly, protective relationship with her teenage human sidekick, An entertaining dynamic that's only amplified when the teen's human mother shows up. Finally a parent that's curious about what the hell their child is doing traipsing about all day with the Autobots. No,, Buster Witwicky doesn't count.

But yes, I will buy the 3DS version of Transformers Prime, developed by Now Production and published by Activision this fall. Arcee has earned you a sale.

Of course that means the game will be in the hands of one of the franchises harshest video game critics, but it's excellent, right? RIGHT?


    I don't understand why she has boobs. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!

    The Arcee one-shot in the IDW comics was actually a really hard thing to read. Essentially she's the attempt at introducing a female gender into a genderless race. In the IDW canon, she's the first transgender Cybertronian.

    I'm more interested in Fall of Cybetron than the Prime game though. Something about the Prime continuity just doesn't feel right. Maybe it's the combination of Michael Bay visuals and G1/BW era characterisation. I don't know for sure. It just feels a bit off.

      Bayformers design makes my inner child cry. Might go watch some G1 to make him smile again.

        I hear ya bro - try watching some Fall of Cybertron videos to regain faith = )

      I haven't watched more than a few Prime clips on YouTube (it's not exactly on TV here or anything) but to me I'm stuck on their handling of Unicron - it's bold and daring, but if this is supposed to have continuity with War For Cybertron - then WTF? That game was so respectful of the 86 movie whereas Prime takes that continuity and up-ends it.

    omg that looks like crap.
    Love the IDW version of Arcee, dieing to know whats in stor for her next. Release those comics faster IDW ><

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