First Look At The Adventure Time Video Game

Man, if only the upcoming 3DS game based on Adventure Time was some kind of side-scrolling platformer that blends the show's unique art style with pixel graphics and... oh. That's exactly what it is.

Very good, very good.

These tiny shots can be found in this month's Nintendo Power magazine, and while there's only two of them, that's two more screenshots than we had yesterday.

The best part? The article teaser reveals that the biggest inspiration for the game is Zelda II.

Adventure Time [Nintendo Power]


    Oh my glob!

    why only 3DS?! I heard it was also going to be on the DS. Im not up to go buy a 3DS for one game

    Algebraic! I am actually that excited for this!

    I've only just recently started watching Adventure Time and I'm about to soil myself with excitement. My 3DS is ready.

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