Fortnite Will Be The First Unreal Engine 4 Game

Epic Games has announced at San Diego Comic-Con that Fortnite will be the first game from the Gears of War studio made on the company's Unreal Engine 4. The game will be a PC exclusive.

Unreal Engine 4 is Epic's new graphics engine targeted at next-gen consoles and PCs, although the engine is expected to be scalable to allow games to be ported to mobile platforms and weaker consoles. Read much more about the engine here.

The engine's blueprint modular development tool makes it easy for artists to create new content, Cliff Bleszinski, Epic's lead game creator, explained at today's panel. He also said it makes the game look more clear. Yay for clear, animated skies!

Fortnite is a post-apocalyptic, class-based, multiplayer, strategy-action survival game that runs on a day-night cycle. By day, players will scavenge the landscape, building fortifications, setting traps and doing whatever else it takes to plan for the night. At night, enemy monsters will attack and hopefully your day-planning will have have been good enough to get you through the fight.

Bleszinski said on Twitter that the PC is the game's "primary" platform, leaving the door open for console versions.


    Wow, I thought Epic turned thier backs on pc gaming, looks interesting.

    I was wondering what was happening with this game! Doesn't look like it'll be a glorified 'tech demo' either!

    Um sounds like minecraft.

      Sounds like alot of games, but it also sounds like a good game.
      Epic knows that you'll probably buy it anyway.

      Smells like minecraft too.....

      The same principles are used in many games.
      Minecraft was no way near the first..

    "class-based, multiplayer, strategy-action survival game"

    Isn't that just... horde mode?

    Do want. Actually really does look quite good.

    Hang on a minute..... if you scavenge all day, and defend all night.... when do you get to sleep?? And you are expected to 'burn the candle at both ends' for a whole fortnight??


      You have 20 minute naps every 4 hours. The twist ending is that there are no monsters - you've just gone insane from lack of sleep.

    I love it how the large picture links to the small picture. Reverse thumbnail for the fail

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