Fox News Stretches To Connect Video Games To Dark Knight Shooting

The tragic murder of a dozen people in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, has not, for the most part, been tied to the supposedly pernicious effects video games have on society. But Fox News' website just found a connection. And it's a stretch.

In a piece about the case today, Fox News explores the background of Dr Lynne Fenton, the psychiatrist to whom the killer sent a notebook describing his plans for a shooting (the notebook was found, undelivered, in a mailroom after the shooting).

The story also includes contributions from the Associated Press, but it is Fox that stresses the Fenton angle and shares this non-sequitur in its description of Fenton's background:

On May 30, 2012, Fenton and two graduate students presented a Student Health Case Conference talk called "World of Warcraft: The Use of Archetypes in Psychotherapy" during the university's psychiatry department's grand rounds. World of Warcraft was reportedly one of the video games that James Holmes frequently played.

Previously, the Reuters news service had reported this from a college research assistant who had seen the killer at the University of Colorado:

"Sometimes during the lab when he was supposed to be reading a paper or something like that, I would see him playing online role-playing video games, like World of Warcraft, League of Legends," he said, but nothing to suggest any serious violent tendencies.

And the Daily Mail had reported this, quoting a classmate:

"James was obsessed with computer games and was always playing role-playing games.

'I can't remember which one but it was something like World of Warcraft, one of those where you compete against people on the internet."

Not much of a connection, it seems, unless you're trying to make one.

Colorado movie massacre suspect to be formally charged []


    "... and more information has been revealed on [Insert Tragic Disaster here], where the perpetrator admit he was influenced by [Insert Popular Gaming Title here] to [Insert act of tragedy here].

    We'll reveal that and more after the break, only on Fox News."

    This is pretty much the template that Fox News write their stories around.

      Yep yep
      Fox News using inflammatory headline involving popular game? Say it ain't so!

    With 9 million active accounts, I'm not supposed that there's a few crazies that play WoW, Jesus that's almost like saying "Colorado movie shooter drove a car!!11!!"

      This just in people with Guns have a higher tendency to shoot people than those without guns.

      More at 12!!!

    Hey a bit off topic but did we ever hear anymore about the family blaming a video game community for a pipe bomb attack?

    I'll be honest, it took longer than I thought it would.

    Dear fox news:

    your sincerely, EVERYONE


    Pathetic. Thankfully Fox News is known for its right wing propaganda garbage. The only people who watch & eat up this misinformation are ultra-conservatives. So hopefully mainstream media outlets do't run with this. Rupert Murdoch how do you sleep at night?

    I bet he played Solitaire once on Windows 98.

    Seriously Kotaku...stop calling it the Dark Knight shooting, people like you tying a single psychotic person to a specific movie is no better then Fox News tying him to games... At least some people (Including Fox News lol) have started calling it the Colorado movie massacre or something similar

    Stupid media trying to blame video games. I HAVE AN IDEA! Lets show the media's propaganda spinning news over the years is what causes people to become psychotic and murderous! Stick it to em!

    When will they realize these guys are looney's before the influence of games/films/music, a man saying hello would set them off never mind anything else.I think the fact that there's plenty of people playing video games that; have a stable life, not insane, no suicidal/murderous tendency's , and don't shoot people.

    They will never discuss that the shootings were linked to gun ownership. Too obvious or not something they want discussed EVER

    Gun ownership is one thing, but why does gun ownership mean the
    right to own a gun that can shoot 150 rounds without reloading? If
    he had a single shot weapon somebody could of tackled him when he
    stopped to reload.

    Far out, this is nonsense. It would be like saying, "the killer ate
    food, particularly pizza, which was his favorite. Therefore pizza
    is to blame".

    Fox's attempt to make the link between WoW and the shooting is
    purely stupid. Honestly, given the nature of the paper that the
    shooter was writing ("The use of Archetypes in Psychotherapy") they
    might as well argue that Jungianism caused the shooting. That said,
    I see an earlier comment saying that Fox only attacked games
    because Fox is a politically biased channel. Fox does have a
    conservative bias, true, but please remember that many people
    fuelling the moral panic over video games are leftist. In Australia
    we had Michael Atkinson of the Labor Party. In the US, there's
    Leland Yee (Progressive Democrat) who pushed California's law
    demaning ID checks of people purchasing adult-rated games (it was
    the Roberts court, typically criticized as conservative-leaning,
    who struck the law down). Hillary Clinton (Dem) and Joe Lieberman
    (D, but IIRC is now Independent) have also criticized video games.
    Moral Panics are typically bipartisan; not exclusive to the right.

    Man, I bet they were relieved to find that angle . With so many days after the tragedy, I bet they were /desperate/ for finding a connection to videogames. If they didn't find this, they would probably have had to run with something like "the killer's hairdresser's niece was once bitten by a dog whose owner works in a department store. Which sells videogames!!!!"

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